Cities are back!

Be Where Your Audiences Are With Prime Time DOOH

As lockdown restrictions have continued to ease and businesses have reopened across the UK, it finally looks like the good times are back for cities and their residents as the long-awaited crowds return.

And in particular Ocean cities, which are the UK’s leading, magnetic metropolitan retail and business hubs in their respective regions – attracting audiences from far and wide to live, work, shop and play.

With the vaccine roll out ahead of schedule, consumer confidence at a three-year high, and traffic levels close to, or above, what they were at the same time in 2019, the UK’s rapid return to normality is no longer a question – it’s a certainty.

The good news for brands looking to use Outdoor in their media plans is that it’s forecasted that OOH audiences will only continue to grow in line with social easing.

Ocean provides unmissable and unskippable OOH advertising opportunities in the UK’s leading cities. Ocean’s screens are scientifically proven to drive 2.5x more memory encoding and most importantly, are the best-performing large-format digital screens to prime other media.

An OOH plan without Ocean’s Primers is like a TV plan without peak.

Be where your audiences are: Find out more about the cities Ocean operates in, and the premium DOOH screens and OOH locations available, by clicking on the cities below.

The wide spread use and adoption of IT and digital services are transforming how we communicate, engage, work and live.

Digital Cities

Cities are evolving into digital hubs, using data and technology to improve the lives of their citizens.

From paying council tax online to sharing community-based events through mobile geo-targeting, Digital Cities are connected to the internet and are equipped with tech platforms for information and communications distribution and management.

While city residents – exposed to a plethora of digital and tech services – are morphing into Digital Citizens.

This exchange of data between Digital Cities and Digital Citizens has driven a connection and engagement with the places that they live, work and play in, and Ocean’s premium, full motion DOOH screens help facilitate these Digital Cities for Digital Citizens.

Operational in all of the UK’s leading, regional hubs – all competing on a global level – in total our cities (not including London) drive 68% of all of Ocean’s large format DOOH impacts in the UK – equating to a combined spend of £22.3bn!

Digital Citizens

Are heavy users of technology – actively in the market for new tech and keen to purchase products new to market

Spend more than 15 hours per week out of home

Light TV viewers (watching less than 3 hours per day) but heavy DOOH consumers (exposed to small or large digital formats more than once a day).

55% are aged 18-44 and 29% are AB

  • City Sophisticates

    Index 166 versus UK average

  • Career Climbers

    Index 133 versus UK average

  • University Educated

    59% have a University or higher degree