The Art of Outdoor

The Art of Outdoor

Ocean are a facilitator of digital connectivity in the OOH world.

We practise “The Art of Outdoor®” by creating inspirational new experiences for today’s aspirational brands.

The Art of Outdoor® is a single minded focus on desirable audiences and locations using the latest technology, research and data – all wrapped in innovative creative executions. These are the elements that are core to Ocean’s values and commitment to our clients.


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Ask for it by name
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National. Audience. Motion. Emotion

We encourage brands to “Ask for it by name” because there is a confidence when brands work with Ocean.


N is for National

Without Ocean, a brand will not have national DOOH UK presence.

Key cities, key locations - that's Ocean’s mantra

Ocean has category defining assets across the key top 10 cities and retail centres of the UK - London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Nottingham, Newcastle and Bristol.

In addition to key cities, Ocean operates the UK’s most prestigious out of home advertising locations, including the world famous Piccadilly Lights, London's IMAX, the Two Towers East, the Birmingham Media Eyes, and the full motion networks, The Loop and The Grid.

The Company also holds exclusive external rights for Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City, the largest urban shopping destinations in Europe with a combined 87m footfall and £3.5bn sales revenue.

Ocean manages exclusive long term out of home advertising contracts with two of the largest public authorities in Europe, Manchester City Council and Birmingham City Council

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A is for Audience

A is for Audience

Exposure to a quality audience within a high quality environment is the only consideration for your brand.

Each Ocean location is selected to enhance the available OOH footprint for our clients, to deliver audiences that remain elusive to advertisers, and to connect advertising to the consumer.

Your screen presence is primed by the highest quality DOOH advertising in the UK’s 10 most important cities with a national presence of nearly 30% cover of top Conurbations. We specialise in premium audiences and our locations are developed to optimise impact against these audiences. Delivering the audiences that matter

Targeting Audience
Data & Technology Investment

By investing heavily in data and technology, we ensure that Ocean deliver the transparency and accountability demanded in today’s digital media world.

Ocean combine iconic locations in prime markets with leadership in cutting edge technology to drive greater audience engagement

The new Data Management Platform will combine data and deliver real time audience

  • Screen-enabled Wi-Fi

  • Vehicle Detection Technology

  • Facial Detection Technology

  • Geolocation data

  • Route Data

  • CACI Data

  • ORC Analysis

  • TGI survey data

N is for National M is for Motion

M is for Motion

Ocean has proven that full motion delivers 2.5x the impact of static locations, and is the link between DOOH and the wider screen market.

To facilitate this, Ocean has developed 2 exclusive networks of full motion city centre screen locations, The Loop and The Grid

Importance of Full Motion

Ocean is the only DOOH media owner to operate a national city centre full motion proposition in large and small format, with 80% of Ocean’s screens running fully approved full motion capabilities.

Recent research from Neuro-Insight proves that full motion DOOH is 2.5 times more impactful than equivalent static locations, in terms of emotion intensity and memory encoding.

Full Motion not only delivers a powerful emotional experience, but also delivers the opportunity for multiple branding impacts which are key contributors to brand effectiveness. Full Motion DOOH is comparable to television in its brand building impact.

Read more about our Neuroscience research

Moving image delivers peaks of brain response, equating to multiple branding impacts, meaning a brand resonates in the brain on multiple occasions leading to greater brand building potential


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Full Motion content is also the segue to the online market; when taking short form content created for online, and additionally placing full motion DOOH in your media plan, you amplify its role to include both targeted activation and brand building qualities, truly optimising the content itself.

This is where the true value of full motion DOOH sits.

  • Full Motion Outperforms Static

  • Full Motion DOOH Builds Brands

  • Online Video Translates to DOOH

A is for Audience E is for Emotion

E is for Emotion

Ocean has pioneered Neuroscience in the area of DOOH and identified the Wow factor at the heart of great outdoor advertising.

A theoretical model, grounded in neuroscience, says that to get results, outdoor advertising needs to capture our attention and then engage our emotions. A strong emotional response drives memory encoding, and this is key for any communication, because memory encoding correlates with subsequent purchase behaviour.


The Wow Factor

Peaks of response to sites with the same campaigns


Ocean’s research has identified that super premium screens deliver the highest levels of emotional intensity, gaining invaluable cut through to hard to reach audiences. Classic OOH is strong in this area but unique, super premium and full motion screens deliver the key emotional engagement at significantly higher levels.


The higher responses to the unique and premium sites were driven primarily by right brain responses – reflecting their overall, emotional impact, creating and supporting the elusive "Wow Factor" that media owners seek. And, vitally, the emotional response was also a positive one.

Find out more about our research at

M is for Motion

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