Understanding our audiences optimises the impact your brand will have in our locations.


We are subscribers to ROUTE, the OOH media industry’s audience currency. ROUTE is the Joint Industry Currency (JIC), providing Britain’s OOH medium with audience data for adults aged 15+. 

Alongside measuring how many people see our screens, and how often, ROUTE provides audience estimates for over 400,000 posters and screens around Britain. What marks ROUTE out from other media currencies, is that it accounts for who really sees the media, rather than simply measuring who was exposed to it.

JICs are owned by advertisers, agencies and media owners to provide transparent, objective and robust audience measurement for each medium, providing accountable trading currencies for these media channels.


We work with CACI to understand more about our audiences across the UK. CACI leverages geo-demographic data to help us analyse the population, and the locations of the people who see our screens every single week. CACI also helps us to identify relevant socio-economic factors within our catchment areas.

ACORN is a segmentation tool which enables us to understand the consumer profile of each of our cities. It’s owned by CACI and analyses data from hundreds of different sources. By segmenting UK postcodes with common characteristics, ACORN provides a highly detailed understanding of the various types of people who make up our audience within each catchment area.

Ocean Networks

The location is available as part of a network, please see below for details.

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