Outdoor advertising in Dundee

Dundee offers an ideal home for brands thanks to a multi-million-pound investment to transform the waterfront and a spending potential of £212m per annum

Dundee is booming thanks to a multi-million-pound investment to transform the waterfront1 and the opening of the first V&A museum in the world outside London2.

With a spending potential of £212m per annum3, Dundee offers an ideal home for brands in the Northeast of Scotland.

  • 10% of the retail market consists of premium and luxury3
  • 31% are 18-34 year olds4
  • 50% of the population shows low TV consumption habits5
Dundee Imagery

The first V&A museum outside London and the first ever design museum in Scotland, V&A Dundee is part of a £1bn transformation of the city’s waterfront2.

With 2 universities, Dundee has one of the highest student ratios per head of population anywhere in the UK7, bringing an exciting and diverse nightlife, leisure, and culture, making it a perfect place to target Scotland’s influencers.

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3 CACI data 2024: defined as anything above ‘Accessible Premium’

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6 YouGov Profiles consumer database Jan 2024: defined as ‘Light’ or ‘Ultra-light’ TV hours watched

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