Outdoor advertising in Birmingham

Birmingham is the UK’s 2nd largest city with £991m spending potential and over 1m people

Renowned as one of England’s foremost industrial and commercial hubs, Birmingham offers an excellent opportunity for your brand to reach a broad and diverse audience.

  • 42% of the retail market consists of premium and luxury1
  • 18% of the population are ABs
  • 26% are 18-34 year olds3
  • 53% of the population show low TV consumption habits4
Two Towers Birmingham
The Loop, Birmingham

Birmingham New Street is one of the busiest railway stations in the UK outside of London. Located in the city centre, it serves as a major hub for local commuters and intercity travellers.

Birmingham Moor Street is crucial in connecting Birmingham with regional destinations and serves as a vital transportation link for commuters and tourists.

Broad Street is often considered the heart of Birmingham’s nightlife, with numerous bars and clubs. The city’s Gay Village, notably the Nightingale Club, is prominent for its lively atmosphere and inclusive environment.

The Chinese Quarter is near the Arcadian across Hurst Street, offering easy access to dining, entertainment and nightlife options.

1 CACI data 2024: defined as anything above ‘Accessible Premium’.

2 Birmingham City Council, 2023.

3 2021 England & Wales Census/2022 Scotland census (defined in Scotland as ’15-34’).

4 YouGov Profiles consumer database Jan 2024: defined as ‘Light’ or ‘Ultra-light’ TV hours watched.

Bullring: A historic market centre transformed into a modern shopping destination with over 160 stores, including Coach, Breitling and Arket.

The Square Shopping Centre: A wide range of high-street shops and brands. 

Harvey Nichols and Selfridges: These are among the notable shops in Birmingham renowned for their luxury shopping experiences and high-quality products. 


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