Outdoor advertising in Aberdeen

Discover Aberdeen, Scotland’s business hub in oil and gas. With £454m spending potential and vibrant start-up scene, it’s ideal for reaching students and entrepreneurs

Aberdeen is Scotland’s third biggest city with spending potential of £454m.  

With a spending potential of £454m1, Aberdeen has a reputation as an entrepreneurial city with a thriving startup ecosystem and support for innovation, allowing your brand to reach an audience of students and entrepreneurs.

  • 32% of the retail market consists of premium and luxury1
  • 30% are 18-34 year olds2
  • 56% of the population show low TV consumption habits3

With more than 14,000 students at universities4, including Robert Gordon’s College and the University of Aberdeen, it is an energetic and student-friendly city.

Visitors come to Aberdeen for its cultural attractions, such as museums, including the Gordon Highlanders Museum, and theatres, like the Music Hall and His Majesty’s Theatre, as well as outdoor activities, like hiking and exploring the nearby coastline5.

1CACI data 2024: defined as anything above ‘Accessible Premium’

22021 England & Wales Census/2022 Scotland census (defined in Scotland as ’15-34’)

3YouGov Profiles consumer database Jan 2024: defined as ‘Light’ or ‘Ultra-light’ TV hours watched

4Top Universities, 2024

5About Aberdeen, 2024

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