Outdoor advertising in London

Position your brand in the capital’s premium outdoor advertising locations

London offers unrivalled OOH advertising opportunities for brands, with iconic locations like Piccadilly Lights, BFI IMAX, Canary Wharf and Marble Arch providing access to diverse, affluent audiences.

London houses cities within a city, allowing for different targeting opportunities depending on your business needs. Supported by an efficient transport network and served by six airports, the city enjoys a consistent influx of tourist traffic alongside the locals.

BFI IMAX, Waterloo
Piccadilly Circus Walkers Experiential 16.9 ProRes - 13
Piccadilly Lights
Battersea Power Station
Marble Arch Banner
Westfield London

Westfield London and Stratford: With almost 7001 shops, restaurants and entertainment venues combined, Westfield is Europe’s largest shopping and leisure destination. Brands include a number of premium designers, including Louis Vuitton and Prada.

West End: Home to iconic landmarks such as Piccadilly Lights and Marble Arch, the West End attracts affluent tourists and professionals from around the world, with a spending potential of £4.595m. With a premium retail offer of 43%2 and a booming commercial scene, it’s a prime location to target upmarket audiences such as the ‘City Sophisticates’ and ‘Lavish Lifestyle’ Acorn groups. Notably, the 18-34 age group accounts for 15%3 of all households.

Canary Wharf: London’s financial centre, home to the likes of HSBC and Lloyds, is where over 120,0004 people work every day. Complemented by a range of upmarket restaurants, galleries and shops, this city within a city appeals to a dynamic and affluent demographic.

High Street Kensington: Our premium OOH advertising location, The Screen @ High Street Kensington is situated in London’s wealthiest borough, with a footfall of 17m5 passengers passing through key shopping destination, Kensington Arcade.

Battersea Power Station: After a £9b investment in 20226, the legendary landmark of Battersea Power Station was bought back to life, becoming a destination for tourists and residents. Over 140 brands can be found here, including Mulberry, Rolex and Tommy Hilfiger.

Heathrow Airport: As the largest airport in Europe, Heathrow provides a gateway to over 19m passengers every year. The Arrival @ Heathrow is the perfect spot to target a large, consistent and varied audience.

Culture and tourism: The capital’s extensive transport network makes it easy for tourists to explore celebrated destinations such as Southbank, home to BFI IMAX. Iconic destinations like this contributed to the 19.2m7 overseas visitors recorded in 2023.

Students and universities: London is a global centre for education and is home to nine prestigious universities, attracting over a third of the UK’s student population8.

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