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Creating immersive artwork at street level

Transform retail and street environments with standout mural artworks by Ocean Labs.

We only work with the best artists to ensure your campaign is a masterpiece. All our mural installations are all located in areas of high footfall, in close proximity to affluent audiences in premium retail environments.

Advertisers can also supercharge their mural creative with additional Labs add-ons:

  • Use DeepScreen® to give your mural the illusion of 3D
  • Use experiential for tangibility and place your product in the hands of the consumer
  • Span digital and physical worlds by making murals interactive with activations like AR or QR codes
  • Social Ready timelapse videos to showcase your mural coming to life

#DYK: The production of murals is all about the skill and artistry it takes to create them. Capturing their creation on film is a great way to distribute this content with wider social and digital audiences and ramp up awareness.

Recent customer outcomes using the power of Ocean Labs
IWC-WestfieldMural-Jun-21-22-640x360 (1)

IWC Schaffhausen

Stand out anamorphic mural in Westfield London. The artwork has a 3D effect that focused in on their luxury product when viewed from the right angle, causing passers-by to genuinely stop in their tracks. The quality of the mural painting really delivered the effect, demanding attention. The integrated QR code downloaded an app allowing people to virtually view the product on their wrist using AR.

1StJamesMS-640x360 (1)


Marks & Spencer’s 2021 Christmas campaign was brought to life with a mural in Edinburgh’s premium shopping mall St James Quarter.

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