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The Energy capital of Europe is located in one of the most dynamic and prosperous regions of the UK. Aberdeen is Scotland’s third largest city and the powerhouse of North East Scotland with the highest GVA per head in Scotland.

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Aberdeen Facts & Figures

The “Granite City” experiences low unemployment rates and enviable lifestyle, capable of retaining its graduates with 43% student retention rate and attracting talent across of the world.

  • Home to 13% of total Scottish GVA

  • High disposable income

    32% higher than the whole Scotland and 23% above the UK.

  • 1 quarter of Aberdeen residents

    were born outside of Scotland.

Top CACI Acorn Groups

  • Career Climbers

    Index 310 versus North Scotland

  • Lavish Lifestyles

    Index 380 versus North Scotland

  • City Sophisticates

    Index 665 versus North Scotland

  • Student Life

    Index 317 versus North Scotland

Global Hub for energy, Aberdeen competes not just within the UK and Scotland, but on an international scale.

  • World-class business location is on the top 10 UK cities for business start-ups and 75% of the world’s sub-sea engineering capability is harboured here

  • Aberdeen International Airport is the third busiest in Scotland and its heliport is one of the busiest commercial heliports in the world, transporting almost 500,000 passengers every year.

  • Four Nobel Prizes have been awarded for work carried out or begun at Aberdeen.

Future Developments in Aberdeen

This entrepreneurial city is rich in history from its maritime past, nowadays modernised with the growth of Oil and Gas industries and embarking on an ambitious digital transformation journey.

  • Investments

    £9 billion investment including harbour and airport expansions, city centre developments and transport and digital improvements.

  • Digital Infrastructure Investment

    £40million investment in digital infrastructure, which will make Aberdeen Scotland’s first city in which nearly every home and business will have access to gigabit-speed broadband.

  • P&J Live

    The new £333million TECA Events Complex Aberdeen, represents the largest single investment in conference, exhibition and concert venues in the history of the UK.

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