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As the thriving 4th biggest city in Scotland, Dundee is a fantastic location for brands to create impact.

Dundee Facts & Figures

Thanks to a multi-million-pound investment to transform the waterfront, the opening of the first V&A museum in the world outside London, and the arrival of several new luxury tourist hotels, Dundee is booming.

With a population of 150K with a spending potential of £212m per annum (CACI), Dundee offers an ideal home for brands in the North East of Scotland.

  • 150,000 POPULATION

    Scotland's 4th biggest city


    at 1:5 which is one of the highest ratios in the UK

Top CACI Acorn Groups


    Index 275 versus UK


    Index 150 versus UK

Dundee's vibrant arts and culture scene

  • Scotland’s cultural centre.

    The first V&A museum in the world outside London and the first ever design museum in Scotland, V&A Dundee is part of a £1 billion transformation of Dundee’s waterfront.

  • Growing student population. 

    With 2 Universities, Dundee has one of the highest student ratios per head of population anywhere in the UK, bringing an exciting and diverse nightlife, leisure, and culture, making it a perfect place to target Scotland’s influencers.

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