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The UK’s second city is young, ethnically and culturally diverse.

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Birmingham Facts & Figures

One of the youngest European cities and one of most diverse cities in the UK, Birmingham is a world-class city capable of attracting and retaining graduates and highly skilled professionals, reflecting the city centre’s role as a professional and business hub for the wider region.

Sitting at the heart of the country and major transportation networks, Birmingham allows firms to access all national markets with ease.

  • Young Population

    Under 25s account for 38% of Birmingham population

  • Ethnically Diverse

    45% of 16-64 in Birmingham are non-white descendants.

  • High Graduate Retention

    40% of graduates from Birmingham institutions found a job in West Midlands

  • 42 Million Visitors

    came to the city in 2017

  • Visitor economy worth £7.1bn

    to the city in 2017

Top CACI Acorn Groups

  • City sophisticates

    Index 491 versus West Midlands

  • Student Life

    Index 304 versus West Midlands

  • Lavish Lifestyles

    Index 130 versus West Midlands

Driving the West Midlands’s upwards trajectory

  • Major names such as Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, HSBC, PwC and HMRC expanded their presence or relocated thousands of staff to Birmingham.

  • Highest inward investment and the largest number of start-ups outside London; 17,433 new businesses were registered in Birmingham in 2017.

  • Birmingham has a start-up rate of 8.16 per 1,000 of the population which is second to Manchester among the core cities and above the national average (6.13)

Birmingham Catchment Area

The core catchment refers to Primary and Secondary catchment combined, which account for 75% of spend available to the centre.

As the UK’s second city, Birmingham’s catchment extends far geographically. And the core catchment of the city is restricted to the city itself, extending to the South of the centre.

  • Primary Catchment
  • Secondary Catchment
  • Tertiary Catchment
  • Quarternary Catchment

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Future Developments in Birmingham

Birmingham is a dynamic and entrepreneurial city enjoying an economic revival fuelled by investment in technology and infrastructure.

  • HS2

    High Speed Rail – £55.7bn project. Phase 1 will link London and Birmingham. Phase 2 will run from the West Midlands and Leeds.

  • Midland Metro Extensions

    With around £1.3bn being invested in extending the tram system across the West Midlands over the next ten years, this is an unprecedented light rail infrastructure project to help deliver a lasting legacy that will enable social and economic regeneration across the region.

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  • Birmingham Cycle Revolution

    £283 million project to expand cycle routes across the city.

  • Housing expansion

    21,200 residential units in planning or under construction

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