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The capital of the East Midlands is performing above the UK average in terms of jobs, business start-ups and environment.

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Nottingham Facts & Figures

With two world-class universities in the heart of the city, Nottingham attracts a diverse and talented workforce who inspire a new generation of creative digital enterprises.

Located in the heart of England, this vibrant city is served by strong transport links via road, rail and air bringing the UK and Europe to its doorstep.

  • The hub for premium retail

    for the region, with 34% luxury offering vs 9% in the East Midlands

  • Booming tech scene

    turning over £1.3bn

  • 60,000 students

Top CACI Acorn Groups

  • Lavish Lifestyles

    Index 308 versus East Midlands

  • City Sophisticates

    Index 597 versus East Midlands

  • Student Life

    Index 382 versus East Midlands

Innovative, forward-thinking and fast-growing city

  • The UK’s most energy self-sufficient city, Nottingham has an amazing future ahead with ambitious green policies to become the UK’s first carbon-neutral city by 2028.

  • Creative with an independent spirit, Nottingham leads the way in a number of industries. It has the fastest growing FinTech and Life Science sectors, and the biggest business centre in the East Midlands.

Nottingham Catchment Area

The core catchment refers to Primary and Secondary catchment combined, which account for 75% of spend available to the centre.

Nottingham has a very large catchment, with the full extent of the catchment covering most of the other towns and cities within the region such as Derby and Burton.

  • Primary Catchment
  • Secondary Catchment
  • Tertiary Catchment
  • Quarternary Catchment

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Future Developments in Nottingham

  • Southern Gateway

    £250m redevelopment of the ‘Southern Gateway’ into the city centre underway.

    Learn More

  • intu Broadmarsh

    The £150 million redevelopment of the Intu Broadmarsh shopping centre, featuring  everything from independent stores to historic caves!

    Learn More

  • HS2

    The city is also set to benefit as the HS2 network is constructed reducing journey times to London and bringing the rest of the country closer.

Ocean Large Format Digital in Nottingham

Ocean gives advertisers access to the city’s large young population and East Midlands’ affluent shoppers

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Media Arguments

Ocean is the facilitator of digital connectivity in the OOH world, with hundreds of prestigious locations and iconic screens across the UK. We are the leading providers of large format OOH and DOOH advertising nationwide and only Ocean can provide brands with a UK-wide outdoor digital presence.

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