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Norwich Facts & Figures

Positioned as the economic driver, attractor of investment and skilled labour in the region, Norwich is one of the largest centres of employment in East Anglia and has the highest percentage of premium retail in the region.

Named as UK’s Best Place to live in 2018 and 2019, the vibrant capital of Norfolk is easily accessible from major cities such as London and Cambridge. Also served by the Norwich Airport, this dynamic city is connected to over 1,000 international destinations.

  • East of England’s top retail centre with a spend potential of £863 million

  • One of the UK’s Top 10 fastest growing cities

  • High graduate retention rate

    The University of East Anglia retains over 40% of its graduates

  • Tourism worth £750m to the local economy

A dynamic, resilient, growth-oriented economy

As a key economic driver for the East of England, Norwich is performing strongly making an increasingly important contribution to the regional and national economy.

  • Norwich is home to companies that are shaping the future of food, energy, medicine and mobility as well as industry leaders such as Aviva, Handelsbanken, Marsh, Virgin Money and KPMG

  • The tradition of innovation continues today with Norwich seeing a 30% increase of digital businesses and 40% increase in digital employment, accelerating away from its rural and agricultural past

  • Top 20 status in PwC’s Good Growth for Cities Index, ranking above Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle. Norwich comes in third place in their “Top 10 improvers” list

Future Developments in Norwich

Norwich is a contemporary city with a strategy of sustained investment in employment, housing and infrastructure.

  • 100,000 square meters of additional high-quality office space in the city centre.

    Provided in mixed use developments with housing and other uses to make best use of valuable and accessible city centre sites.

  • Norwich’s winning entry to the government’s 2018 Transforming Cities fund seeks to give the city the transport network it needs for the 21st Century.

    Norwich was recently awarded £6.1 million to improve public transport and sustainability in selected areas of the city.

  • Norwich is part of the ‘Tech Corridor’ investment initiative...

    connecting Norwich and Cambridge along the A11, recognising these two areas as key technology hubs, aiming to create £500m of innovation-led growth, infrastructure and housing.

  • By 2030, the city hopes to create a dense low-car quarter towards the south-east of the city.

    With cutting-edge sustainable urban transport which will ensure the best talent stays in the city and generate good quality sustained investment in people and jobs.

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