Ocean is curating exclusive digital content out of the home, establishing a media channel uniquely positioned to deliver both broadcast and online content to create entertaining & influential brand experiences for national audiences:

The Ocean Broadcast Channel

Ocean is uniquely placed to do this, with a combination of:

  • Full motion networks, The Grid and The Loop, which offer 2.5 x the impact of static creative
  • City centre, high dwell time environments
  • The right responsive audiences
  • The exclusive content partnerships we have established.

Ocean’s Content Partners

All our Content partners provide exclusive content, whether it be from the Olympic Games and all the Team GB athletes, from London Fashion Week events or from famous TV programmes… and there will be many more out there.

This content offers a completely new and engaging way of using full motion digital out of home, bringing relevant exclusive events to an audience who before would have been unlikely to be engaged. This is a powerful platform for brands to sit within.

It is not only exclusive partnerships that can use the digital out of home channel as a way of distributing content. Many brands now create their own branded content which before sat online and on social channels only, but for maximum impact requires the use of a broadcast channel. That’s where full motion digital out of home comes in.

How can content be amplified using Digital Out of Home?

So much content is being designed for the mobile sector, without amplification on any further broadcast channels. However, we believe that digital out of home has a crucial role here due to the power of full motion.

And we have the Neuroscience research to prove it.

We know that the key audience of light TV viewers - youthful, highly educated and high income individuals, accounting for almost 40% of the population – may use multiple screens at the same time, but are very good at adblocking on mobile. Research shows though that they react positively to DOOH messaging, and that there is a clear opportunity to gain incremental cut through and brand effectiveness for this content on digital out of home, where it may otherwise be lost.

Through Neuroscience research it has been found that DOOH primes online and mobile campaigns 48% more effectively than television, meaning you are gaining further traction with your online content if you use a more broadcast platform additionally to the online.

Ocean’s full motion networks offer an opportunity for being a secondary platform which this same content can be shown, which in turn index highly for light TV viewers

The Ocean Broadcast Channel is created

Ocean’s full motion networks are the segue between targeted activation of online and brand building opportunities, complementing online as brands strive to use content to engage on a deeper level with consumers.

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