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Manchester is a world-class city in every respect, enjoying a rich heritage and trail-blazing a progressive approach in city regeneration and expansion.

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Manchester Facts & Figures

The UK’s second biggest economy, Manchester’s enormous growth has been fuelled by its diverse industry base. With internationally acclaimed organisations specialising in creative and digital technology, media and professional business services, and more besides, Manchester is an economic powerhouse.

The city centre itself is a diverse smorgasbord, jam-packed with an eclectic mix of retail spaces, theatres, galleries, museums and restaurants, regularly drawing in its 2.7m urban population and the 1.3m tourists visiting the city every year.

  • £62.8 billion

    Manchester’s economy GVA (2018)

  • Fastest growing

    major city outside of London

  • 1,300,000

    people in employment

  • 100,000 students

    attending Greater Manchester’s four universities

Top CACI Acorn Groups

  • Lavish Lifestyles

    Index 123 versus North West

  • City Sophisticates

    Index 503 versus North West

Manchester’s vibrant arts and culture scene

Manchester is a world leader in art, culture and retail. Renowned for its influential music scene, wide array of retail spaces, theatres, galleries, museums and restaurants, and home to two of the biggest football clubs in the world, there’s a reason why Manchester is the UK’s third most visited city. For international and domestic tourists alike, Manchester offers something for everyone.

  • Shopping centres including Manchester Arndale and Intu Trafford, combined with high street destinations such as Exchange Square and the Northern Quarter, offer shoppers a huge choice in international brands and premium British flagship department stores.

  • Manchester Arena is one of the largest concert, comedy and sporting venues in Europe, hosting the likes of Kylie Minogue, Mariah Carey and Peter Kay.

  • Manchester Utd and Manchester City are two of the biggest and wealthiest football clubs on the planet, attracting fans across the world for tournaments including the Premier League and UEFA Champions League.

  • From classic art and history, through to social inclusivity and the history of football, Manchester’s museums and galleries cater to all tastes.

  • With one of the UK’s biggest LGBT+ communities, Manchester Pride is a celebration on a colossal scale. The event draws in thousands of revellers to the city’s gay village, Canal Street, every year.

Manchester Catchment Area

This map shows the retail catchment areas for Manchester city centre and surrounding cities, divided up into Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary catchments. Manchester and the Greater Manchester Area has a very large retail catchment, covering most of the North West region including towns such as Bolton, Stockport and even parts of Liverpool.

  • Primary Catchment
  • Secondary Catchment
  • Tertiary Catchment
  • Quarternary Catchment

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Map: © Mapbox, © OpenStreetMap

Future Developments in Manchester

Manchester’s city skyline is fast changing, with billions invested in retail, business and leisure developments

  • St John's

    the £1bn project will create Manchester’s newest city centre neighbourhood

    Learn More

  • Circle Square

    £750m project, providing residential, leisure and commercial office space

    Learn More

  • St Michael’s

    £200m skyscraper will be built alongside Manchester’s City Town Hall

    Learn More

Ocean Large Format Digital in Manchester

The biggest large-format DOOH operator in Manchester

  • Ocean delivers the most

    Manchester-based adults

    based on Impacts


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    Source: Route 2021

  • Ocean delivers the most


    based on Impacts


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    Source: Route 2021

  • Ocean delivers the most


    based on Impacts


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    Source: Route 2021

  • Ocean delivers the most


    based on Impacts


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    Source: Route 2021

Media Arguments

Ocean is the facilitator of digital connectivity in the OOH world, with hundreds of prestigious locations and iconic screens across the UK. We are the leading providers of large format OOH and DOOH advertising nationwide and only Ocean can provide brands with a UK-wide outdoor digital presence.

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Ocean's 64 Locations in Manchester

Ocean’s full portfolio of Large & Small Format Digital (including The Loop Manchester and The Grid Locations), Backlight and locations in the city.

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