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The most prosperous city outside of London, Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital city and its central economic powerhouse – attracting residents, tourists and workers alike.

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Edinburgh Facts & Figures

With over 513,000 people living in the city, Edinburgh boasts a very prosperous population with 74% of residents gainfully employed. 60,000 students also attend universities in Edinburgh and 42% of all graduates go on to make the city their home after graduating.

Renowned for the world’s biggest arts event, Fringe Festival, Edinburgh has cultivated vibrant culture and leisure industries, and with a strong retail spend of £1.46bn available in the city centre, it has the biggest premium retail offering outside of London, including luxury quarter Multrees Walk and Princes Street.

Highly affluent, with a rapidly expanding economy and retail and tourism industries, Edinburgh is an ideal place to invest media spends.

  • 513k residents

    call Edinburgh home

  • Highest disposable income

    in the UK

  • £1.46bn

    retail spend

  • No.2 Tourist Destination

    in the UK

  • 60K students

    studying in Edinburgh universities

Top CACI Acorn Groups

  • Lavish Lifestyles

    Index 255 versus competitors

  • City Sophisticates

    Index 475 versus competitors

  • Career Climbers

    Index 169 versus competitors

Edinburgh’s buzzing culture scene

With its huge array of arts, theatres, concert and cinema venues and historic landmarks, it’s easy to see why Edinburgh is the UK’s second most visited city. In 2017 Edinburgh was rated as a top culture and creative city by the EU for its large assortment of attractions targeted at both domestic and international audiences.

  • If festivals are your bag Edinburgh is the city for you, hosting up to 12 events across the year. The city is best known for hosting the world’s biggest annual arts festival, Edinburgh Fringe, which celebrates comedy, performance art and entertainment acts from around the world.

  • Edinburgh is a treat for avid foodies. With more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other city in the UK apart from London, food connoisseurs are spoilt for choice.

  • With its wealthy residents, Edinburgh boosts the biggest premium retail offering of any city outside of London. From vintage shops to independent boutiques and large retail malls, Edinburgh has something to appeal to any shopper.

  • One of Scotland’s oldest cities, Edinburgh offers audiences scores of historical attractions as well as UNESCO World Heritage sites. From the medieval Old Town to Edinburgh Castle perched on Castle Rock dominating the city skyline, Edinburgh offers visitors a rich and fascinating history to tap into.

  • Edinburgh’s vibrant and diverse nightlife scene is a magnet for residents, students and tourists. With an abundance of theatres, comedy clubs, arts venues and live-music bars, revellers and night owls alike have lots to experience and enjoy within the city.

Edinburgh Catchment Area

With an extensive area reaching to the South and East of the city, Edinburgh takes a huge 40% of all spend available in its core city catchment alone.

  • Primary Catchment
  • Secondary Catchment
  • Tertiary Catchment
  • Quarternary Catchment

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Future Developments in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is regularly touted as one of the best UK locations for investment. Internationally connected by air and with new business investment, hotels, restaurants and other leisure developments, Edinburgh is a magnet for investors.

  • Edinburgh St James

    The new project will be retail-led while offering premium leisure, hotel and residential developments

    Learn More

  • The Haymarket Edinburgh

    The £200m development will offer office space, hotel, residential and retail opportunities

    Learn More

  • International Business Gateway

    Situated next to Edinburgh airport, the new modern extension of the city will drive international business investment

    Learn More

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