Over the last decade, Ocean has pioneered unique technology within Digital out of Home, driving creativity and offering opportunities for something new for brands.

Ocean Labs has inspired and implemented a host of creative solutions for these campaigns, across multiple locations and technologies, and our Neuroscience Research has underpinned why it’s so effective.

Here is how The Art of Outdoor Innovations & Technology has unfolded.

Full-motion showcase video


Moving image creative on the biggest and most impactful scale. A chance to bring your creative to life utilising the highest quality digital screens, whilst out of home.

Ocean has pioneered the building of Full-Motion locations in the UK. Our first, The Liverpool Media Wall, launched way back in 2008, is still the UK’s largest outside of London.

By Introducing The Grid in 2013 we created a network of Full-Motion screens across the UK.

Abu Dhabi Tourism’s AR campaign on The Piccadilly Lights
Kraken wrapped viewers in it’s iconic tentacles

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality offers a wide scope of creative opportunities for brands by creating immersives experiences that connects consumers to your brand.

Ocean’s first AR campaign was for Lynx in 2011, featuring Lynx Angels falling from the sky. Since then we’ve seen some amazing examples, from our smallest screens, The Loop, with campaigns for Kraken and E.On, to our largest, with the Guiness World Record setting campaign for Abu Dhabi Tourism on the Piccadilly Lights.

Simplyfi WiFi and BBC iPlayer Partnership

No one can deny the power of mobile, but the impact of both mobile and digital out of home is even more impactful, as seen in our Neuroscience research. SimplyFi is Ocean’s fast & free public wifi network across most of our full motion locations; available in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham & Glasgow. The fibre Wi-Fi hot spots not only provide brands with a portal to host long form content linked to the screen, but also enable interactivity by acting as a portal to host web based apps, ensuring a simple user journey and therefore maximum engagement.

Rado featured live score updates

Live Data Feeds

Environmental and contextual triggers help brands deliver relevant messaging to consumers in real time, maximising campaign effectiveness and memory encoding across the whole of Ocean’s digital network. The variety of feeds that can be integrated is only limited by your imagination – if you have it, we can integrate it.

Victoria Beckham’s live catwalk show on The Piccadilly Lights
BBC Radio 1 streamed their Big Weekend festival to Ocean Screens across the UK
The Royal wedding live streamed by the BBC on Westfield Square @ Westfield London

Live Video Streaming

Ocean has the first and only Fibre connected screen network in the UK, ensuring we can deliver reliable live streaming simulcast capabilities to high dwell time environments across the UK’s major cities.

Whether it be a 15 minute live catwalk event, a 10 hour music festival, a product launch in another location or even a Royal Wedding, the fibre connectivity gives a new dimension to a brand’s use of DOOH, delivering an invaluable experience and immersing consumers in their world.

The Emoji Movie used the audience’s mood to replace their faces with Emojis
The British Dyslexia Association


Ocean’s facial detection technology, LookOut, uses real time technology to serve adverts to consumers based on a number of variables including Gender, Age, Facial Hair, Eye Wear, Mood, Engagement, Attention Time & Group Size.

There are multiple ways in which the LookOut technology can be used:

  1. Optimisation – delivering the appropriate creative to the right audience at the right time.
  2. Visualise – Gaze recognition to trigger creative or an interactive experience
  3. AR Enabled – Using the HD cameras to create an augmented reality mirror or window effect, creating deep consumer engagement via the latest technology
  4. Analytics – Understanding your brand’s audience, post campaign analysis and creative testing

For the launch of the Emoji Movie, LookOut’s array of detection features, such as mood, gender and facial hair, were used to replace viewers’ faces with matching Emojis on a mirror stream.

The British Dyslexia Association used LookOut technology to give everyone an idea what it’s like to live with dyslexia. By using the attention time feature, the longer people looked at the screen of text, the more jumbled the words and letters become, reflecting what it can be like for sufferers.

VW showing the full range of lighting possibilities availible
EE using IMAX Edison Lighting
Ford using IMAX Edison Lighting and custom LEDs

IMAX Edison Lighting

The Ocean Exclusive location, The IMAX Waterloo is the largest and most unique advertising canvas in Europe. With the addition of programmable LED lighting in 2016, which we call Edison, this canvas delivers an even greater level of impact.

There are multiple ways in which the Lighting can be used. Ocean deliver a bespoke consultation service to help maximise your brand creative using special build LEDs, sequenced to link to the inbuilt Edison lighting. Create the ultimate WOW factor by working with us to design an eye catching LED lighting sequence to maximise your campaign impact.

Coca-Cola helping London celebrate Pride in 2018
The Piccadilly Lights showcase video

The New Piccadilly Lights

Between 2017 and 2018 Ocean completely rebuilt the landmark London location, turning Piccadilly Lights into one giant screen whilst maintaining the heritage patchwork. In doing so, we revolutionised the possibilties of at this world famous location.

In the years since we’ve seen some incredible campaigns using the new 4K+ screen, from The Queen to Pride in London, Live fashion shows to Space missions, Secret Agents to Christmas Karaoke.

LEGO Rebuild the World – Westfield Stratford City

Haptics Technology

This technology simulates the sense of touch. Ocean has partnered with the World’s only mid-air haptics, UltraLeap, to bring contactless touch to DOOH and experiential, which is perfect for a post COVID-19 world. The innovative technology uses ultrasound pressurised air to create sensations on the participant’s hand.

The haptics sensor also features hand motion tracking allowing the sensation to react to movement in real time. Ocean will integrate this cutting edge technology to trigger or control content on our screens, all responding in real time to the participant’s movements.

The unique technology can be used for personalisation, immersive story telling or gamification, as seen brilliantly by the Lego “Rebuild the World” campaign in 2020.