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Vehicle Detection Technology

Vehicle Detection Technology is a pioneering technology that innovates and optimises the way brands connect with their target audiences.

It gives brands the opportunity to deliver messaging based on data about the car. The intelligent scheduling system will trigger a relevant message to be deployed only when that specific car is in front of the screen, providing large-scale impact without wastage.


  • Handpick the target car model with Vehicle Detection Technology’s insights on vehicle and competitor traffic flows.
  • This pioneering technology detects the selected vehicles at the traffic lights
  • …and triggers tactical creative’s to specific cars, or types of car.
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Vehicle Detection Technology Case Studies

  • Bermuda Tourism

    Bermuda Tourism is the first travel brand to use vehicle recognition technology to serve live advertisements to premium car drivers in London.

  • Audi

    Audi was the launch partner for The Screen @ Bullring South, Birmingham, targeting Audi drivers with a campaign to support its after sales car service.

  • LV=

    Utilising Ocean’s bespoke Vehicle Detection Technology, LV were able to target electric and hybrid with messaging making them aware that drivers of those cars could find cheaper tariffs with LV than any other car insurance provider. The campaign played out across 5 VDT sites across the UK for 8 weeks.

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