February 16th, 2021
Ocean’s Top 10 Locations – as voted for by the Ocean team

As part of our celebrations of 10 years of The Art of Outdoor, we asked members of the Ocean team to pick their favourite locations, new and old.

10. The Two Towers© Locations

A defining format for Ocean which now dominates key arterials in London, Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester. Unmissable on the approach to these cities, these are the original Primers.

“The toughest to build but the most satisfying on delivery.”

John Kilfeather
Operations and Technology Director
Ocean Crew Member since 2010

9. The Wall @ Westfield London

The first of Ocean’s Hybrid locations bringing the size and scale of a banner with the added enhancement of two Digital screens. A real favourite with the creative community due to the multiple options as a canvas. A favourite with clients due to its dominance of the entrance to Europe’s most prestigious shopping centre.

“Kind of like being asked which is your favourite child. I’m gonna say The Wall @ Westfield (when it’s used properly, it’s a belter).”

Tony Ridd
Director of Revenue Management
Ocean Crew member since 2015

8. XL+ – West Street, Glasgow

Glasgow is a city that epitomises the very best in DOOH and has a wealth of jewels to choose from. Anyone wanting to see a true DOOH city then most definitely visit this city. Home of the first of Ocean’s XL network, and does what it says on the tin.

“This is by far one of the most significant new panels in Scotland. Located on the corridor between the busy M74 and M8 and with a long dwell time to capture the queuing traffic all day, the quality of this screen is outstanding and is a must have for any campaign!”

Debbie Ferguson
Regional Sales Manager
Ocean Crew member since 2018

7. The Screen @ Arndale, Manchester

City or United, everyone loves this little beauty in the middle of one of Europe’s busiest shopping streets. It’s the Liam Gallagher of DOOH screens – Northern, big, bold, in your face. Mancunian to the core.

“Epitomises everything that is unique about Ocean. City centre, in a key city, Large format, Full motion – It’s a screen that looks like it was always meant to be there.”

Steve Barton
Group Head
Ocean Crew member since 2017

6. The Screen @ Nottingham One

If you want iconic DOOH in Nottingham then your options are limited. But luckily Ocean have hit the nail on the head with Nottingham One. If you want to talk to anyone in Nottingham, this is the only screen you need. Superb location, superb screen.

“The Piccadilly of the East Midlands. Such an imposing screen that is so well integrated into the building, and looks even more impressive with the lights either side.”

Matt Tulip
Associate Director
Ocean Crew member since 2018

5. The Birmingham Media Eyes

Not two but three eyes, right in the centre of the UK’s second largest city. Giving a nod (or a wink) in full motion to shoppers and commuters as they go about their business. Beautifully integrated into the iconic architecture of Birmingham’s Grand Central Station.

“Pure simplicity and so Ocean – different, eye catching & unique.”

Margareta Osonjacki
Revenue Management Executive
Ocean Crew member since 2019

4. Eat Street @ Westfield London

This screen not only dominates Westfield London AND to this day is still one of the best DOOH locations in the country, but it is also the place where the Ocean Digital Creative Competition and Ocean Labs were born. In 2011 British Airways gave an insight into how DOOH would revolutionise the channel with its live broadcast from St Lucia. What seems easy now was a huge challenge in 2011.

“It has to be Eat Street, probably because it was the original test bed for new tech for Ocean Labs and I’ve spent many hours throughout the years standing out there come sun, rain or snow for a multitude of campaigns. Luckily now we are spoilt with the same tech across most of our Grid locations, but Eat Street still has a special place in my heart.”

Cat Morgan
Director of Ocean Labs
Ocean Crew member since 2012

3. The IMAX, Waterloo

A location that is totally unique across the globe. One of Ocean’s first locations and still loved by the Ocean team and clients alike. In any normal year expect 100% occupation on this super cool building; a brilliant example of architecture and advertising working seamlessly together.

“The first time I was at the site it was absolutely breath-taking and whenever I have been back, I’ve always had the same reaction of pure awe”

Katie Fernie
Ocean Crew member since 2019

2. Liverpool Media Wall

The Liverpool Media Wall was the pioneering DOOH screen and paved the way for the growth of Ocean’s ambition for the industry. Iconic, Huge, Full motion and Unmissable – it has become part of the socioeconomic architecture of the city of Liverpool. One of the first and still one of the best.

“Launched in 2008, it was the first (and still one of the best) full motion screen we ever built, in my first year at Ocean, and it was on my birthday, which I spent in Liverpool!”

Helen Haines
Head of Marketing & Events
Ocean Crew member since 2008

1. The Piccadilly Lights

Not surprisingly the nation’s number one also holds the top spot with the Ocean Team. A location that transcends DOOH it is the nation’s notice board and has global appeal like no other single screen on the planet. If it’s good enough for the Queen, it’s probably good enough for anyone.

“Has to be Piccadilly – I remember coming to London as a kid and being so excited by it. Even today (in a normal world) I still love the hustle, bustle and excitement around Piccadilly Circus and all the attention it attracts. It really is unmissable.”

Sarah-Jane May
Account Manager
Ocean Crew member since 2019

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