Ocean Location

The Two Towers® Canary Wharf

A unique location with an audience of over 4 million adults

Two double-sided synchronised digital screens on London’s busiest arterial route.

Dominating the skyline of Europe’s largest financial district, The Two Towers Canary Wharf targets the main route to and from the East into London, Canary Wharf and City Airport.

A key location to target some of the most affluent audiences in Europe – a hub for super premium products.


Aspen Way, London / 51.50759,-0.00789 Download Map

Did you know?

A must have location for all car manufacturers with an Index of 193 for Liking innovative cars, supported by a need to learn more about cars with an index of 150 for reading Top Gear magazine.

Audience Demographics*
  • Male / Female

    68% / 32%



  • AB


  • ABC1


Audience Age Ranges*
  • 16-24


  • 25-34


  • 35-44


  • 45-54


  • 55+


Top CACI Acorn Groups*
  • City Sophisticates

    Index 199 vs. UK average
  • Career Climbers

    Index 197 vs. UK average
  • Successful Suburbs

    Index 162 vs. UK average
Audience Insights*
  • Index 138 v AB Men

  • 1 in 5 Impacts are AB Men

  • 11% earn over £100,000

  • The busiest digital location in the UK

  • Direct route from London City Airport with its phenomenal 87% AB profile

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*Sources: Route, DfT, CACI

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