May 23rd, 2023
Optimus Prime stages audacious 3D take-over of BFI IMAX

Ocean Outdoor creates biggest ever DeepScreen® canvas

London, UK: Paramount Pictures uses the scale and presence of Europe’s most iconic out of home canvas to mark the UK release of its action blockbuster Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

This is the first time the creative licence of Ocean Outdoor’s DeepScreen® 3D technique has been used at such scale and on The BFI IMAX canvas. The famous banner is situated in central London.

To recreate the drama of its popular fantasy franchise, Paramount Pictures uses anamorphic techniques together with LED lighting to create the illusion that three of the Transformers, Optimus Primal, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, are breaking through the walls of the IMAX, creating a giant 30 metre x 14 metre sized hole to reveal the cinema inside.

Unveiled on Monday, May 22 for 14 days, the campaign was planned by Kinetic and Wavemaker.

To achieve the ground-breaking effect, Ocean Studio 3D modelled the entire interior of the IMAX all the way down to the seat numbers, warping the artwork on the 1,734m² wrap to create the vast DeepScreen® experience.

John Fletcher, managing director at Paramount Pictures UK, said: “At Paramount we are always looking at new ways to create standout and engaging advertising. We’re confident this already hugely impactful site will be even more engaging using these cutting-edge anamorphic techniques to bring the Transformers world to life.”

Emily Coe, business director at Kinetic, said: “This is blockbuster OOH at its best!  Giant Transformers literally stepping out of the walls, housing the UK’s biggest cinema screen, and towering over the heart of London. Made possible through the power of OOH creativity, technology, ingenuity, and Paramount’s willingness to push the boundaries.  We are so excited to see this come to life and witness the reaction on the street.”  

David Tait, director of Ocean Studio and Group design, said: “After the success of DeepScreen® on our digital screens, we knew we could apply the same anamorphic principles to create 3D illusions on our iconic banner portfolio; and there’s no bigger or better banner location on which to launch than the BFI IMAX, Waterloo.

“Ocean Studio worked closely with Paramount from initial concept, through development stages to final artwork delivery: a massive 360-megapixel render. To achieve the level of detail required, the interior of the cinema was modelled in 3D based on actual plans, right down to seat numbers, although some artistic licence was used to create the demolished concrete wall.”

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is released in cinemas on June 8.

Production Credits

  • Client: Paramount Pictures
  • Media Planning: Kinetic, Wavemaker
  • 3D artwork: Ocean Studio
  • Non 3D wrap artwork: Glasseye
The IMAX, Waterloo. Photo ©Ocean Outdoor
The IMAX, Waterloo. Photo ©Ocean Outdoor
The IMAX, Waterloo. Photo ©Ocean Outdoor
The IMAX, Waterloo. Photo ©Ocean Outdoor
The IMAX, Waterloo. Photo ©Ocean Outdoor
The IMAX, Waterloo. Photo ©Ocean Outdoor
The IMAX, Waterloo. Photo ©Ocean Outdoor
The IMAX, Waterloo. Photo ©Ocean Outdoor

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