Introducing The

Extra Large. Extra Impact. Extra Coverage

With 24 screens in five key commuter UK cities - Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Southampton - the XL Network is Ocean’s next generation in super-sized connected DOOH roadside screens.

With journeys by car increasing year on year, advertising on the roadside is still the place to be seen. With Ocean’s new fleet of premium, digital cutting-edge screens – in hand-picked locations with long dwell times – the XL Network is the best way to be seen by motorists and commuters.

4 reasons to go Extra with the XL Network:

1. Extra Large

1.5x larger than a standard 48-sheet

Beautiful content deserves to be seen: Our neuroscience research revealed that large, iconic sites deliver on the length of visibility as well as size and scale, driving impact beyond simple initial viewing alone. Go super-sized and command the attention of captive motorists in key commuter cities in the UK.

XL vs D48

2. Extra Impact

Driving long-term memory encoding

Our neuroscience research has also consistently found that digital sites increase audiences’ attention, desirability, emotion and subsequently, long-term memory encoding.

3. Extra Coverage

Delivering key Commuter Cities

Most people living outside of London commute by car. In Glasgow 56% of workers commute by car and in Birmingham, Manchester and Southampton this number jumps to a huge 65%.

4. Extra Enhancement

Dynamic content uploads

Whether you utilise live weather and traffic data to trigger contextually relevant content, or use our anonymised Vehicle Detection Technology, you can work with our award-winning creative team Ocean Labs to make your campaigns more memorable and your budgets work harder.

The XL Network brings together premium inventory on key vehicular routes, combined with dynamic content uploads, and can be bought with the flexibility that only DOOH can provide.

24 XL Network locations

with more locations launching soon

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