September 25th, 2023
Ocean celebrates Pride across the UK in 2023

In 2023, Ocean Outdoor illuminated screens across London, Manchester, and Birmingham in celebration of Pride. Pride celebrations were marked by meaningful partnerships and campaigns that aimed to promote equality, inclusion, and diversity while supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

Birmingham Pride and NHS Blood and Transplant:

One partnership during Birmingham Pride was the collaboration between NHS Blood and Transplant and Ocean. This partnership aimed to increase awareness about a recent change that allows more individuals to become lifesaving donors. Being present during Pride was not only about raising awareness for their noble cause but also about demonstrating support for the LGBTQ+ community and promoting inclusivity.

Xavier AP, the Regional Community Engagement Manager at NHS Blood and Transplant said “In 2023, the Pride campaign illuminated Ocean screens, casting a radiant spotlight on our mission of promoting equality, inclusion, and equity within NHS Blood and Transplant. Our journey since 2021 has been dedicated to fostering a more inclusive donation experience, opening the doors for more LGBTQ+ community members to join us as blood donors. With Ocean’s support, we proudly showcased our progress in Birmingham and Bristol, standing tall beside local pride celebrations. Through this partnership, we not only amplified awareness of our organization’s commitment to supporting the community, but we also celebrated our successes locally with our dedicated workforce. Together, we reached 12,510,511 impressions, and this collaboration with Ocean was a source of pride and achievement for us all.”

The partnership showcased their progress, and together, they reached an impressive 12,510,511 impressions.

Pride in London at Piccadilly Lights:

Landsec’s Piccadilly Lights joined forces with Pride in London for a campaign titled #NeverMarchAlone on Saturday, July 1st. In the lead up to London Pride, the campaign was shared across several of our London screens in Westfield London and Canary Wharf. This campaign, created by an entirely LGBTQIA+ team, aimed to highlight the power of standing together with trans siblings and championing trans and non-binary allyship. At a time when trans and non-binary individuals face increasing negativity, this campaign sought to promote a positive narrative. In the run

Tim Noblett, Director of Marketing for Pride in London said, “Pride in London’s Never March Alone campaign was designed to elevate the positive narrative around our trans-siblings in a time when they face constant negativity and abuse. The ability to amplify this important message through partnering with Ocean Outdoors ensured that we could reach as wide an audience as possible.”

Manchester Pride and Beyond:

Even beyond Birmingham and London, we continued to support Pride. In Manchester, one of our landlords, Bruntwood, shared their support across Ocean screens and Gay Village Party promoted their annual Pride festival. This demonstrated the widespread commitment to celebrating Pride across the UK.

As we look ahead to Pride 2024, we are eager to expand its presence across more screens in more Ocean cities. The commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion, and support for the LGBTQ+ community remains strong, and Ocean Outdoor will continue to play a role in celebrating Pride across the UK.

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