March 14th, 2022
Coral breaks new ground with Deepscreen™ activation

‘Your Horse’ campaign by BBH shows horse racing in a unique and dynamic way that has never been done before

On the eve of this year’s Cheltenham Festival, Coral is bringing horse racing to central London, bringing racing fans closer to the excitement, thrill and drama of the sport like never before with the launch of a mesmerizing and captivating DeepScreen™ activation on the world-famous Piccadilly Lights, just 100 miles from Cheltenham.

In a first for the bookmaking sector, the activation, devised by Coral’s lead creative agency, Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), sees four horses and their jockeys jostling for a position in a race. Moments into the action, riders and horses dissolve away, leaving the viewer with one horse which then leaps out of the screen in slow-motion.

Coral is the first ever brand to fully utilise both the front and back capabilities of DeepScreen™ to show the speed and motion of the racehorses.

The sensational 3D spectacle debuted on Landsec’s Piccadilly Lights on March 14 and appears on rotation once an hour (on 20 minutes past the hour) for one week throughout the Cheltenham Festival.

A media campaign, planned and executed by the7stars, includes an OOH takeover of Cheltenham Spa station, social media, digital audio, digital and print activity. Racing fans across the country will also be able to view the creative from the Coral’s campaign at other Ocean premium locations across the UK, including Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham and Southampton.

Chris Brocklehurst, Coral’s head of brand marketing says: “Never before has horse racing been given this sort of treatment, and this show-stopping spectacle truly brings racing fans closer to the action. It’s based on the premise that when it comes to racing, the only horse that matters is the one you’ve backed. We’re proud to be the first betting brand to use this 3D poster technology and to showcase horse racing like never before.”

Guy Hobbs, associate creative director at BBH says: “This piece is based on the simple insight that when you’re watching a horse race, the only horse you’re really seeing is the one you’re backing. So our idea was to remove everything else on the racetrack except one single horse. And to do it in the most epic way possible using the DeepScreen™. We’re super excited to show racing in a new light.”

Melanie Blood, senior project manager Ocean Labs, said: “DeepScreen™ is all about scale. The biggest screens create the best experiences and Ocean’s large format screens make these campaigns even more prominent. The epitome of them all is Landsec’s iconic Piccadilly Lights. With its curved screen, it’s the ultimate for all 3D experiences.”

Lewis Watson, client lead from the7stars says: “the7stars have worked with Coral to carefully develop an impactful and innovative media campaign that utilises a range of media channels to bring audiences closer to the action. Coral has a firm commitment to creativity that is perfectly illustrated by the Piccadilly Lights activation, becoming the first bookmaker to utilise Ocean’s DeepScreen™ 3D templates.

“This activation is the result of putting creativity at the heart of the planning process and is testament to Coral’s ambitious approach to brand growth. This is a truly exciting campaign and an unmissable tribute to horse racing in the week of Cheltenham Festival.”

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