All you need is an Idea. 

The Ocean Digital Creative Competition is the assignment you’ve been waiting for.

We want you to think outside the boxed screen and push the boundaries of our technologies. So far, we have produced six Cannes Lions winners and celebrated the ingenuity of countless creatives, brands and non-proft organisations in the Netherlands and Europe. Are you ready to join them?

Watch the launch video and read more below.

Masterclass Concept Development & Innovation

In this masterclass, we share everything to make sure you are prepared to submit your idea!

What do you need? What do you need to think about? What things should you forget and what are the absolute musts when submitting an idea?

What are we going to talk about:
* Inspiration in (D)OOH in the broadest sense of the word
* Trends and innovations in (D)OOH
* Opportunities at Ocean
* Tips for your DCC concept

The masterclass will take place on Thursday 1 August from 16:00 to 17:30 in The Lab at the Ocean office. A closing drink will follow the masterclass.

Interested? You can register by emailing your name & company to [email protected]

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The Digital Creative Competition

A competition in which anyone with a client can develop innovative concepts for the Ocean Digital Out Of Home screens. In 2010, Ocean Outdoor UK organised the first Digital Creative Competition to encourage and accelerate new opportunities in screen advertising. Many editions on, technology has transformed outdoor advertising from static to subtle motion, full motion, interactive, live streaming, augmented reality and 3D simulations. Ocean continuously invests in new innovative opportunities to enable brands to better engage with their target audiences. With the right supporting techniques and insights, the possibilities for brands, agencies and audiences are endless.

Our past winners have gone on to win big across the world.

Microloan Foundation, “Pennies for Life”

Cannes Lion Gold (Mobile) Award, 2012

Women’s Aid,“Look at Me”

Cannes Lion Gold (Outdoor)and Silver (Cyber) Awards, 2015

Born Free,“#TankFree”

Cannes Lion Silver (Outdoor) Awards, 2018

The Big Issue,“I’m here”

Cannes Lion Bronze (Outdoor) Awards, 2022

Jury & Event

Each year, the jury consists of a team of specialists working within various disciplines. All are esteemed colleagues representing the entire spectrum; creative, digital, innovation and media. All entries that meet the selection criteria will be submitted and the finalists will be announced after the second round of judging. The competition award ceremony will be at an n.t.b. location where everyone can attend.


Prizes & Categories

The jury will judge the entries within two categories: Profit and Non-Profit. In both categories, the numbers one, two and three will win an amount in gross media value*. The amounts are fully deployable on Ocean Outdoor Netherlands’ digital screens!

*Read the Terms & Conditions here.

1st Place


2nd place


3rd place


Creative briefing

We are looking for creative concepts that take full advantage and push the boundaries within Digital Out of Home. Are you this groundbreaking agency or have you been walking around with the perfect campaign idea for years? See below the steps to get involved. We are open to all ideas and want to make sure that participating is easy and accessible for everyone. Advertising, design, content or media agency, advertiser, digital hero or all-round genius. Whether your idea is worked out in/on a stickynote, beer mat, full case, after effects or photoshop, anything goes as long as the idea is clear and it meets a number of selection criteria. For example, the idea must be original and it must not yet be running on another media platform. In addition, all ideas must comply with the rules of the Dutch Advertising Code.

Step 1 Concept

Work out your concept based on the briefing above. Keep it relevant to the brand, objective and medium. Make sure you have permission when submitting ideas from your client/brand. Besides your images or video, we also want a short explanation of your idea in 200 words. In this, we would like to read back how you see your idea live, on which screens, how it fits with the brand, who you want to reach with it, etc.

Step 2 Visualisation

To make the participation process as simple as possible, we ask you to create a number (max. 5) of visualisations of your concept. We have quite a few (Photoshop) Mockups for you to use for visualisation. The clearer the better, but remember that we don’t need ‘final artwork’ at this stage. So to make it even easier, you can also draw out your idea on paper, stickynotes or beer mat. Take photos of it and send it in.

Step 3 Submit your idea!

Submit your idea by sending an email to [email protected]. Make sure you have read the Terms and Conditions. By submitting your work, you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Conditions and assessment criteria

  • The idea must be new – it must not be an existing idea;
  • The idea must not yet be running on another media platform;
  • We are open to all creative ideas, expressions and messages;
  • Does the message come across effectively on the DOOH screens?
  • Are the unique features of DOOH used well?
  • Is the idea relevant to the brand/business objectives?
  • There must be approval from the brand/customer to enter the competition;
  • The ideas must comply with the rules of the Dutch Advertising Code;
  • Our regular spot lengths are 6, 10, 12,18 and 24 seconds, but it is also possible to dominate the full run of 60 seconds. Please note that the gross media value to be spent is based on a 6- or 10-second spot;
  • Full-motion content is possible on the digital city screens;
  • On the digital roadside screens, subtle/limited motion is possible;
  • There are 88 digital locations on which you can develop your idea;
  • Download the digital location list here;
  • Only use the screens we have in our portfolio for your idea.

Visualising your idea

Should you not be able to visualise your idea, no problem. We have 98 digital locations on which an idea can be worked out and several Mockups are available in which ideas can be brought to life.  As indicated, it is also possible to make a sketch on paper. Need some inspiration to explore the possibilities of DOOH? Schedule a brainstorming session with one of our account managers or someone from our content team. Eventually, Ocean will support in visualising the ideas that will be chosen by the jury as contenders.

More information

If you have any questions or need more information? Then contact us and we will be happy to help you! It is possible to schedule a brainstorming or meeting to explore the possibilities with our team members.

020 210 6075

[email protected]


Ocean Networks

The location is available as part of a network, please see below for details.

Please contact us on [email protected] to find out more.