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Commercial Brand Category

3rd Prize

Solgar “Golden Lights”

by Saatchi & Saatchi

Two million Brits experience a type of depression known as seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D). Vitamin and supplement brand Solgar is committed to wellness and wants to help people get through the shorter, gloomier days in a healthier way. To make that happen they will transform Ocean billboards into S.A.D lights early in the morning and late at night, keeping the UK healthy through the winter.

The judges said: “Responsive billboards triggered by the darkness and weather to boost people’s wellness. This is the kind of idea every creative wants to sell to their client. It is a great idea.”

2nd Prize

Zoom by Ocado “Blinking Fast Delivery”

by St. Luke’s

This fun, immersive campaign allows people to compete against each other on a digital race track using one of Zoom by Ocado’s iconic speedy grocery characters. The billboard tracks people’s blinks and whoever blinks the fastest wins the race, a prize and the glory of being named a true blinking legend. Participants’ names appear on a Speederboard which can be shared on social channels.

The judges said: “This campaign highlights Zoom by Ocado’s unique brand proposition and the power of DOOH. It’s a cool idea and we like the game mechanic. It is new, original and makes you laugh.”

1st Prize

EE “Home Safe”

by Saatchi & Saatchi

EE’s ‘Stay Connected data’ means that no matter where they are, how late, or out of data, customers always have access to the essential apps to get home safely at night. Combining this offering with Ocean’s technology, EE uses live data feeds across the Loop network to pull in travel updates to help plan and track journeys. HD cameras and lighting technology on the Loop network recognise lone women and light the space around them, using AR to show smart routes to get to transport links or safe spaces.

The judges said: “Most sector campaigns are based on price differential, but EE has come up with something very different. This is tech for good and using DOOH locations is exactly the right platform. It solves a real problem and reflects out of home as the responsible channel it is.”

Charity Category

3rd Place

Mayhew “Mayhew Mini Me’s”

by Dentsu Creative

As record numbers of pets are abandoned at shelters, the search is on for new forever homes. A recent study proves that not only do dogs look like their owners, but people are more likely to adopt a dog that looks like them. This campaign uses technology to pair people with a dog that’s not only a physical match but is waiting to be adopted. Once they have been matched, people can find out more about their canine mini me via the dog’s online profile which shows their likes, dislikes and needs.

The judges said: “This is fun creatively and very shareable. For a match made in heaven, don’t use Tinder, use this. Really lovely.”

2nd Prize

British Heart Foundation “Lifesaving Beats”

by Saatchi & Saatchi

Ninety percent of people who have a cardiac arrest outside of hospital currently don’t make it. But these odds could improve if only more people knew how to perform CPR correctly and at the right beat. Hoping to save lives, this idea teams the British Heart Foundation with Spotify to teach the nation how to do CPR to any of their favourite songs which are 100-120 bpm - the perfect beat for CPR.

The judges said: “This is an important educational piece and it works. CPR is a hard thing to do. People will learn something and the idea connects the physical to the digital.”

1st Prize

The Trussell Trust “Put it on your list”

by TMW Unlimited

The Trussell Trust has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people using food banks – up 81% in the past year alone. But food banks are struggling to meet demand. Not only are they in dire need of donations, but what they need changes from day-to-day, hour-to-hour.

Put it on your list is a contextually relevant, geo-targeted outdoor campaign that notifies shoppers exactly which products are most needed by their nearest food bank at that very moment. It then prompts them to add those items to their shopping list or scan a QR code to make a direct emergency donation.

The judges said: “We like the idea of using the localities to encourage people to engage with their local foodbanks. This is a nice use of data and tech to do something practical.”

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