March 8th, 2023
The Women’s Association and Ocean launch campaign to empower girls and women to dream freely and without limits

Marking International Women’s Day,  the Women’s Association today (March 8) announced the launch of the third series of their For The Woman campaign which redefines the notion of success.

This year, the Women’s Association has partnered with Ocean to secure advertising space on 11 large format screens across London, including Leicester Square, Canary Wharf, Westfield London, Westfield Stratford City and prominent roadside locations.

The creative shows portraits of 110 women working across the financial services, out of home media, financial software and advertising sectors, alongside stay-at-home mums, content creators, makeup artists, entrepreneurs, activists and directors. The campaign’s ambition is to move towards a more holistic definition of success, championing each and every woman’s path.

The portraits were taken by female photographers Laurie Fletcher and Jordan Amy.

Deborah Williams, founder and CEO of The Women’s Association, said: “I started this work because of a focus group I had with girls back in 2018 where they shared with me that they felt pressured to have to be a CEO or a boss someday, and if they didn’t aspire to become that then they were made to feel like they were not dreaming big or being truly ambitious. This made me reflect upon the image of success we see for women and how this has evolved.

“Many years ago the image of success we saw for women in movies and in the media was a stay-at-home mum who was able to juggle all of the household duties with a smile and now the image of success we see is a woman at the top of her career, a boss/CEO and as much as it is important to celebrate women who have achieved amazing heights it’s also important to show that there are so many other options and paths to success.

“I want women and girls to look at this campaign and know that our dreams should not be dependent upon what society seems to dictate a woman’s role should be. For many years women have fought for our rights to dream freely and I believe that celebrating relatable and diverse role models is the first step to making this happen.”

Ocean Outdoor Group CEO Tim Bleakley said: “Mentoring and inspiring young people and women aligns with Ocean’s mission to create awareness about what defines success. There is no better medium to deliver such an important message which is why we are happy to support this campaign.”

For The Woman spotlights individuals’ realities to ensure women and girls are designing a future that they dream of. Underpinned by dreaming, something which transcends generations and is relatable for young girls, For The Woman gives people who identify as women the freedom to dream without feeling they must get to the top. These women embody the notion that dreams do not have to conform to someone else’s idea of success, something which is theirs to define.

The campaign marks the end of the highly successful first year of The Women’s Association’s partnership with McCann Worldgroup, as the award-winning agency continues to support with strategic development and commercial backing. The campaign is also supported by Dentsu Creative’s design and studio team for the work on Ocean’s Leicester Square screen.

For The Woman Series 3 features women from Ocean, Bibby Financial Services, Alfa Financial Software, Oliver, McCann London and self-employed entrepreneurs.

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