September 28th, 2016
RSPCA Develops First Ever Venture into Interactive OOH

“Play With Pooch” Campaign Marks Media First For Birmingham New Street Station

MediaCom has presented a new and innovative means of utilising digital OOH to support RSPCA’s latest campaign “Play with Pooch”. Starring rescue dogs in need of a home, “Play with Pooch” is an interactive digital out of home game and family event which aims to get more abandoned pets adopted.

The campaign cements RSPCA’s first involvement in incorporating dogs in conjunction with digital/interactive OOH and stems from a joint MediaCom/Kinetic entry into last year’s Ocean Digital Creative Awards, an industry-wide competition promoting innovation in OOH.

“Play with Pooch” dominated the colossal Media Eyes located at Birmingham New Street Station on Friday, September 23, turning the area into an experiential playground for pets and their people. This activity represents an entirely new format brought to life at New Street Station, Birmingham’s latest redevelopment project in the heart of the city.

The bespoke video game, developed by specifically for The Media Eyes, invites people to play with four different dogs using their phones or iPads as the control pad, as the game plays out on the big screen. This live interaction gives the audience a chance to submit their details, ready to be contacted by the RSPCA or make a donation.

Chris Wainwright, Director of Communications and External Relations at the RSPCA said: “Although the RSPCA is almost 200-years-old we are keen to embrace new technology and pioneer exciting ways to get our rescue, rehabilitate, rehome message across to supporters.

“Play with Pooch” is a really fun and different way of engaging with the public and encouraging them to think about rehoming and donating to us. We were delighted to win the opportunity to put our fabulous rescue dogs on the big screen getting all the fuss and attention they deserve.”

Ocean’s Head of Marketing, Helen Beacham said: “This is a highly engaging campaign and the fulfilment mechanism really delivers making it a simple, engaging show stopper.”

MediaCom’s Michelle Mowbray, Business Director for RSPCA, said: “We are proud to be involved in such a noteworthy campaign. This competition win is especially exciting for us as we get to work with such a remarkable charity and not only focus on the issue at hand, but also utilise a new format and new space to showcase the good work the RSPCA does and bring to life what happens to neglected animals when people donate.”

Rosh Singh, Director of Digital Innovation and Head of Kinetic Active, said: “We devised “Play with Pooch” as a fun, engaging and innovative way to raise awareness of the animals in care at the RSPCA.  A perfect fusion of real-time technologies and premium OOH brought to life in an addictive game that is bound to see people falling in love with these amazing dogs.”

Creative Credits

Client: RSPCA
Creative agency: Kinet:
Media planning: MediaCom
Digital agency:
Digital Producer: Chris Kenna

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