July 4th, 2022
Piccadilly Lights celebrates 50 Years of Pride

London’s famous Piccadilly Lights joined the Pride in London celebrations this weekend (July 2) as more than a million people marched through the heart of the city, marking 50 Years of Pride.

As the parade made its way through Piccadilly Circus, the iconic Lights displayed different messages from long term resident Coca-Cola, Landsec and Pride in London.

The showcase peaked with the world’s first ever real world and metaverse collaboration to be seen on digital out of home (DOOH) screens, presented by Ocean in partnership with the creative technology crypto fashion and digital arts studio Immersive KIND and Landsec.

The immersive digital cultural experience was also viewable virtually across the metaverse, the web and via mobile and virtual reality (VR).

Inspired by queer LGBTQIA+ metaverse creators and the explosion of crypto fashion in Web 3, the Piccadilly activation highlighted the work of queer artists who are pioneering crypto art in the metaverse and beyond.

The sequence saw a series of different avatars created by Kadine James and MCVISUALS on rainbow catwalks and meeting together on a futuristic Pride dance floor. The screen featured a QR code, taking audiences to the virtual realm.

Director of Ocean Labs Catherine Morgan said: “Building on Ocean’s entry into the metaverse, for the first time we are able to unite the real and digital worlds. Marking 50 Years of Pride, the world’s most famous ad space celebrates a significant cultural moment, perfectly demonstrating the intersection between digital out of home, real life and VR experiences in other worlds.”

The Immersive KIND founder Kadine James said: “Through the immersive KIND Metaverse venue we are excited to highlight the work of queer artists and explore issues relevant to all of the colours of the rainbow flag.

“Our work highlights often marginalized LGBTQIA+ voices in the Web3 space by creating an art exhibition for LGBTQIA+ communities. By collaborating with Ocean Outdoor with this new activation on the Piccadilly Lights, we are able to unite the virtual with the real to create a universally safe space and celebration.”

Last year Ocean launched the first stage in its metaverse strategy, auctioning three NFT billboards in partnership with Admix via the world’s largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, and displayed by the successful bidders within the social VR platform Somnium Space. This allows Ocean Labs and the Ocean UK sales team to sell an engaged 16 to 34 audience as a cohesive physical and virtual combined offer

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