July 27th, 2023
Ocean Scotland and Glasgow School of Art’s Outdoor Gallery

Ocean Scotland teamed up with the Glasgow School of Art to exhibit the works of seven talented students across our digital screen network throughout the city of Glasgow.

This collaboration was a part of the Glasgow School of Art’s Degree Show 2023, held from 2nd to 11th June. The initiative transformed the city into an expansive outdoor gallery, showcasing digital art throughout its streets and iconic locations.

The Glasgow School of Art’s Degree Show is an annual event where graduating students from various disciplines display their artistic creations, marking the culmination of their years of dedication and hard work. However, in 2023, the traditional format faced challenges due to the lingering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, which restricted in-person gatherings and exhibitions. To overcome these limitations, Ocean Scotland offered our digital screens as a platform for the students to display their artworks safely and prominently.

The partnership proved to be a valuable opportunity for the participating students to gain exposure and recognition for their work. Displaying their creations in prominent city locations allowed the graduates to connect with a wide range of various audiences, amplifying their reach and providing a springboard for their future careers in the art world.

It has been a joy to work with Ocean Outdoor for a second time on this ambitious and innovative partnership. Our students truly appreciate the opportunity to have their work seen in such varied and busy settings. We look forward to continuing to explore “The Art of the Outdoor” with Marc Keenan and his colleagues at Ocean Outdoor in the future!”Alan Horn, Director of Development, The Glasgow School of Art.

Ocean Scotland was delighted once again to support talent from The Glasgow School of Art as part of this year’s Degree Show. The partnership transformed Glasgow into an outdoor gallery where digital art was displayed throughout the city.Working with young creatives brings our ‘Art of Outdoor’ mission statement to life and we wish the graduates every success in their future careers”. Marc Keenan, Managing Director, Ocean Scotland.

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