February 21st, 2023
Live Event Series: Reinventing the IMAX

Last Spring Ocean hosted colleagues, clients and friends at Skylon on London’s Southbank, for the ‘Reinventing The IMAX’ event.

Following the announcement in March 2022 that Ocean is to retain the BFI IMAX contract, after a 16 year history, this was a chance for Ocean to celebrate the campaigns which have been before, and to look forward to the exciting future of the BFI IMAX. It was an event set to inspire!

With Ocean at the forefront of technological innovation within the media landscape, providing brands with a platform to make a true, lasting statement – The BFI IMAX is no exception. Across 2023 we will be bringing 4 new opportunities for brands which truly embody the word ‘Creativity’ in advertising.

The 4 future IMAX creative opportunities are:

  • Edison Live – giving you the opportunity to use the 48,000 LED lights on the IMAX banner to create flexible and dynamic advertising campaigns that light up central London and catch the eye of passersby.
  • LED Content Mesh – a chance for brands to highlight key events or campaigns that are happening right now with their partners – the branded vinyl wrap will sit behind LED panels that can be updated with static content multiple times a day. Bring your campaign to life in real-time.
  • IMAX Upwards – try Upwards to bring the iconic site, and your brand, to life using geo-location web based mobile Augmented Reality technology. A chance to get consumers interacting with this iconic site.
  • DeepScreenTM on the IMAX – Deepscreen Live is an eye-catching way to showcase your brand in 3D on the IMAX, utilising the fantastic sightlines across Waterloo Bridge and impressive use of perspective to take your campaign to the next level.

For more information about any of these please contact our Ocean Labs team on [email protected].

Phil Hall, Joint MD, Ocean

Ocean Networks

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