September 29th, 2017
Jingle Tills: Ocean’s Christmas planning Guide to the Seasonal Sweet-Spots

With the UK retail Christmas market worth an eye-watering £78billion, we thought it worth exploring the triggers, peaks and sweet spots of the big Christmas spenders.

Our new 2017 Christmas retail planning guide digs into shopper trends provided by our partners at the two Westfield Centres.

That data has been combined with our intelligent LookOut audience technology which is installed on our large format screens at both London retail locations.

Using Ocean’s exclusive audience intelligence, brands can now supercharge their pre and post-Christmas advertising plans.

Westfield visitor insights tell us that:

  • The combined footfall of both centres over the Christmas season is more than 10 million;
  • The average spend is 21% higher in Westfield Stratford City than the UK average and £131 per person in Westfield London, well above the £95 UK average;
  • Dwell times range from 121 to 129 minutes, compared with 88 minutes UK average.

Data from LookOut technology reveals that:

  • Christmas shopping starts in early November at both Westfield centres – A key time to engage with large number of early Christmas shoppers;
  • Trigger events: Black Friday and the Christmas event at both Westfield locations switch customers to festive mode, seeing an increase of the number of people shopping on weekdays at the centres;
  • This trend continues upwards to 2pm-3pm on Christmas Eve when Westfield reaches its pre-Christmas sweet spot as the “left it to the last minute” shoppers arrive;
  • There is a massive footfall boost in the post- Christmas period on both centres when shoppers spend their gift cards and money received for the festive season to treat themselves.

This is also the time when consumers turn their thoughts to New Year and personal goals they want to achieve, resulting in an incredible opportunity for advertisers to fine tune their messages to capture shoppers with only one thing on their minds.

Usually people’s New Year’s resolutions are to eat healthier, save more money or do more deeds for others, meaning a prime opportunity for different brands as banks inspire customers to sign for a savings account or as the automotive category seeks to promote eco-friendly hybrid cars.

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Eat Street @ Westfield London
Meridian Steps @ Westfield Stratford City
Eat Street @ Westfield London
Meridian Steps @ Westfield Stratford City

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