July 4th, 2023
Introducing Headliner: turning your brands into stars

We recently revealed our latest initiative: the Ocean Headliner network – a hugely exciting feather in our super premium, large format cap. It’s a brand new out of home package giving agencies and advertisers the opportunity to deliver long form creative on DOOH across Britain.

Headliner takes things DOOH a step further by making it easier for brands to leverage their long form cinema and TV ads in iconic, clutter free DOOH environments which deliver unique cover and elusive younger audiences. This is a compelling opportunity to ensure campaign relevancy, make budgets and content work harder across multiple touchpoints – and above all, deliver the fame every brand is looking for.

Those who purchase this one-of-a-kind package will get a 30 second domination across 14 of Ocean’s super premium large format landscape screens, simultaneously served on the hour every hour, delivering close to 11 million impacts over an average week.

The Headliner network is the perfect build for a medium that’s already the go-to for the luxury, entertainment and film categories in particular. It spans across the following 10 cities:

  1. The Screen @ St Enoch, Glasgow
  2. Edinburgh Media Wall
  3. Liverpool Media Wall
  4. The Screen @ Arndale Manchester
  5. Printworks, Manchester
  6. Birmingham Media Wall
  7. The Screen @ Derby One
  8. The Screen @ Nottingham One
  9. The Screen @ Norwich One
  10. The Screen @ Bournemouth One
  11. Eat Street, Westfield London
  12. The Gateway, Westfield London
  13. Four Dials Westfield Stratford City, London
  14. The Piccadilly Lights, London

This long form cinematic opportunity also give brands the chance to make their campaigns truly unforgettable through our incredibly talented Ocean Labs team, with options like 3D DeepScreen® Aliveinteractive technology and experiential activations.

The idea behind Headliner was informed by our series of independent Neuroscience based studies, which demonstrate the priming power of large format premium DOOH on static out of home and other media. This is the power of DOOH beyond the physical. Research shows that:

  • Full motion DOOH is comparable to television in its brand building impact (source: The Primers).
  • Full motion DOOH is 2.5x more impactful than static OOH sites
  • Full motion DOOH primes campaigns to perform better when they are seen again online
  • Socially amplified posts featuring a DOOH activation are more impactful than a brand only post, with a 21% increase in positive brand perception

Sound intriguing? That’s because it is! Furthermore, the Ocean Headliner is a cross Group initiative and a version is also available throughout Ocean Nordics. Get in touch to hear more and be one of the first to bring this unforgettable opportunities to the best of the big screens.

The Screen @ Norwich One
The Screen @ Arndale, Manchester
The Screen @St Enoch, Glasgow
Eat Street, Westfield London
The Screen @Nottingham One

Ocean Networks

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