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The Screen @ Derby One

The first and only large-format, full-motion digital screen in the city

The Screen @ Derby One is situated in the heart of the city centre positioned on the newly refurbished Derbion Shopping Centre. This brand-new addition to the Grid offers great dwell time with a 150-meter site line of the screen and is also the first and only Full Motion screen in the city centre.

The new screen also offers contextually-relevant live data feeds and facial detection technology which allows brands to connect and engage with their target audiences in innovative ways.


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Audience Insights*
  • Derbyshire is home to The Peak District National Park, The National Forest and the iconic Chatsworth House

    the region attracts over 40 million tourist visitors per year contributing more than £2.5 billion to the local economy

  • Acorn Demographics reveal Executive Wealth is the largest CACI Acorn group within Derby

    closely followed by Mature Money

  • Derbyshire has a strong residential spend potential of £750 million

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*Sources: Route, DfT, CACI

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