May 15th, 2014
Digital Out of Home – An Industry Manifesto for 2015

Growth or cannibalisation?

With the BBC, Twitter and Coca-Cola among the powerhouse consumer brands publicly supporting the growth of digital out of home at a media summit in London this week, now is the time to draw up a new manifesto for our medium, says Tim Bleakley.

With multi screen ad spend set to top £18billion, digital out of home needs to reposition itself as an integral player in the multi screen ad marketplace, positioned alongside smartphones, tablets, laptops and TV screens.

What we need now is a manifesto for growth, not cannibalisation. But first of all there are six key areas we need to address:

  • The benefits and value of digital out of home for clients. McLaren is one of the brands that sees the opportunity and the relevance.
  • The development of a national plan to place the most powerful screens in the most powerful places?
  • Full integration and acceptance into the wider screen family by telling our story. DOOH is the biggest cat in this jungle, with independent Neuroscience research proving the Priming Effect of large format out of home.
  • Accountability. Do we have industry ubiquity? Through established and brand new industry standards, we can literally handpick audiences.
  • But we need to develop a credible lexicon for digital out of home which banishes irrelevant industry terms and references.
  • And we need to better educate and engage the creative community. To this end, Ocean is throwing open its annual Art of Outdoor to all our industry players in 2015.

Because if we are to become part of the all screen market place and take a five per cent share by 2020 then we all need to create, innovate and collaborate.

And if we succeed by 2020, then we will have built a £1.5bn share of the marketplace.

Seeing the BBC, Twitter and Coca-Cola share the same platform, one after the other, and profess their love for digital put of home suggests that the time has never been better for our entry into the all screen advertising marketplace.

My presentation is here:

And you can read more about the Daily DOOH media summit here:


Tim Bleakley speaking at the Media Summit
Tim Bleakley speaking at the Media Summit

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