January 13th, 2015
CV-Library Targets Job Seekers on The Two Towers West

Ocean has recently partnered with the UK’s largest independent job board, CV-Library, to help find job seekers and employers passing our super-premium site, the Two Towers West.

The dual, subtle-motion synchronised screens deliver the biggest out-of-home experience on the West London A4/M4 gateway, and are perfectly positioned to appeal to the city’s commuting workforce. As a result, CV-Library can expect over 6.6 million pairs of adult eyes within two weeks, specifically targeting the South’s AB demographic.

Lee Biggins, Managing Director of CV-Library, said:  “Our primary selling point for employers and recruiters is that we offer the best candidates and access to the widest selection of UK CVs for each role. It is important that we are always approaching candidate attraction in new ways, in order to retain our position as the leading source of talent across all industries.

“Working with Ocean to utilise The Two Towers site has been a turning point in advertising clout for us.  We’re showing UK businesses how serious we are about bringing more candidates to our site, and their vacancies.”

This is great news for the 8,500 UK companies who trust CV-Library to find the perfect match for their vacancies. With more of the UK’s workforce logged in and looking for opportunities with the job board, recruiters and direct employers alike will have an even greater visibility of the country’s best talent, making recruitment processes easier and more effective.

To find out more about CV-Library, visit .

CV Library on Two Towers West
CV Library on Two Towers West

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