July 6th, 2020
Ad Agency launches major campaign day after lockdown for a highly unusual client – itself

Ad agencies often tell their clients, brands that advertise in a downturn increase market share. However, few agencies take their own advice.

LONDON Advertising is taking its own advice and is today (July 6) launching a major campaign with 10 TV ads, starring Helen Mirren and Liam Neeson, on 9,000 spots on Sky News.

The TV is supported by super-premium digital posters across Ocean Outdoor’s UK portfolio, and Linked-in. The campaign is running from July 6 to August 2 and will reach 30 million people.

Michael Moszynski, founder and CEO, said: “Our campaign, launching on the first working day after the easing of Lockdown, is a call to arms to all businesses to get Britain going again. We believe in ‘by example shalt thou lead’ and that we all have a duty to help rebuild our economy.”

‘Advertising Legend’ Rupert Howell (founder HHCL, MD ITV) commented: “This is the first time I have seen an ad agency do a major campaign like this for itself. The ads are bloody brilliant!”.

The agency’s founder and creative director, Alan Jarvie, explains the rationale: “It is a fact advertising builds brands and fame. We believe the current situation provides a rare opportunity. Audiences are currently higher than normal and media is cheaper, as many companies have cancelled their campaigns. So, we’re doing what we would advise our clients to do; advertise now.

“Our campaign demonstrates the three criteria we believe work must satisfy to be effective: Is it simple? Does it stand out? Can you remember who it’s for? A lot of advertising fails to do one, two or all three of these things.

“We also wanted to show it’s the size of your idea that matters, not the size of your production budget. We would like to thank Dame Helen Mirren and Liam Neeson, OBE, for making themselves available to take part in the campaign.”

Ocean Outdoor joint managing director Phil Hall said: “With the easing of Lockdown on July 4, LONDON Advertising’s campaign is a timely reminder that as people are increasingly back on the streets that now is a good time to advertise as research has consistently proved that the companies who advertise in a downturn, when their competitors are not, will gain market share.”

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