“Neuroscience is by far the most exciting branch of science because the brain is the most fascinating object in the universe.”

Stanley B. Prusiner, Neurologist & Biochemist, Nobel Prize winner 1997

The fascination with, and the output from, Neuroscience research has set the tone for a new wave of thinking in out of home advertising.

The media landscape, the array of advertising opportunities, and the resulting creative ideas have evolved beyond recognition over the years, not least in the medium of out of home with the birth of digital out of home.

For the last six years Ocean has developed a story, rooted in Neuroscience, which has helped the industry navigate the challenges and successes of this essential advertising opportunity, considering digital out of home not as a silo but as a branding platform like no other, that is complementary to, and creatively challenges, other media platforms, and most importantly facilitates more engaging decisions.

The Growth in numbers: 

  • UK Digital out of home has jumped 30% in a year
  • 2/3 of Britains see a digital screen once a week
  • 51% more screens this June versus last year

Three clear areas have focused this growth.

  1. Screen development – it is important to ensure quality and accessibility to the world’s most iconic advertising platforms.
  2. Scale – a nationwide and global platform, with specific focus on the wide spread development of full motion to bridge the gap between the old and the new.
  3. Creativity and new ideas – most importantly this journey has been defined by creativity and an understanding of what is possible.

This is the time of digital out of home.

And Neuroscience has underpinned every stage of this growth across the last 6 years, identifying what was required for the medium to be accountable, and giving a robust viewpoint as to its true value.

It defines Quality.

The Neuroscience story so far…

Using steady state topography we have measured brain response to a range of stimuli that truly quantifies what is important in iconic, digital, moving image advertising, so much so that we will be publishing an academic paper in the International Journal of Market Research later this year telling this story.

–        Iconic- Premium locations deliver higher levels of emotional intensity and memory encoding than more classic formats

–        A priming effect within the OOH sector – if you use iconic locations earlier in a campaign, the subsequent impact on secondary OOH increases

–        Priming mobile – the  priming effect extended into the wider screen market and digital out of home primed mobile 48% better than television

–        Full motion advertising – it delivers 2.5x memory encoding and emotional intensity than static advertising

All of these findings took the medium to a different level, and encouraged new thinking giving brands the chance to truly optimise their messaging and connection with consumers.

Technology Enhances Creativity…. The time has come…We once heard in our Creative Agency interviews that technology was ahead of creativity. It is clear now, with so many incredible campaigns using technology coming to fruition, that it is truly the time for digital out of home to flourish on a global platform in new and exciting ways.

Successful communication follows the 75:25 rule – A brand delivers 75% of the message, but 25% is required from the individuals. It isn’t just about telling someone something, it is about getting that person to become part of a brand’s story.

The medium does this – it now enhances engagement to a different level, delivering immersive and interactive experiences, and the latest requirement for Ocean and for Neuroscience was to demonstrate the emotional impact.

Exclusive research for 2019.

Full motion digital screens integrated with technology are by far the most impactful in OOH in terms of emotional intensity and memory encoding. Full motion screens with technology are on average over 3x more impactful than just using full motion, and 8x more impactful than static advertising

The Technologies

  • Wi-fi interactivity elicits 52% higher impact than the baseline for full motion sites
  • Live streaming was over three times more impactful than regular DOOH content
  • An AR experience was almost four times more impactful
  • Interactivity on social media elicits a five times greater level of impact

The results speak for themselves. The opportunities exist for brands to truly engage with individuals using Digital Out of Home, the platform is there for the taking..

Speak to Ocean about how.