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M8 Renfrew, Glasgow (D48)

The new Digital 48 Sheet screens are highly impactful advertising locations, particularly in Glasgow. These digital screens are strategically positioned as the first DOOH screens visible when heading to the airport from the city centre and the last when returning to the city. Their prominent location along the M8 Motorway ensures maximum visibility, especially during rush hours when this section resembles a bustling car park. The screens’ visibility is unparalleled, capturing the attention of a diverse audience of business and leisure travellers.

Why M8 Renfrew?

  • Prime location: Positioned on key routes between the city centre and the airport, ensuring high visibility during the journey.
  • Strategic timing: Being the first and last digital screens in the OOH landscape during airport commutes, they capture the attention of a wide audience at critical moments.
  • M8 Motorway dominance: Situated along the M8 Motorway, these screens become unmissable, especially during rush hours, making them a prime advertising space for brands seeking maximum exposure.
  • Inbound screen: 226,870 impacts every fortnight. *
  • Outbound screen: 154,980 impacts every fortnight. *

*Source: Route, 2023


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*Sources: Route, DfT, CACI

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