Glasgow, 1-12 November 2021

Be on the frontline of climate change action with Ocean Outdoor

The decade of climate change action begins in Glasgow, where the most important climate conference will be held between 1 – 12 November 2021.

Watch the COP26 with Ocean Video

200 world leaders and 30,000 delegates

Business leaders and climate experts from around the world will attend the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, to agree on actions to save the planet.

The eyes of the world will be on Glasgow

Providing a world stage for brands and organizations to speak directly to influencial decision makers on an international level and promote their green and sustainable solutions.

Ocean is the first choice for those wanting to talk directly to COP26’s influential audience.

With 45 strategically located screens around Glasgow, and 11 in Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh - Ocean offers an unbeatable level of coverage for the event.

The Packages

There are 4 packages available, each being sold via an “Offers Over” bidding model.

3 × Glasgow and Edinburgh Package


  • 21 × D48 Screens
  • 5 × LFD Full motion Screens
  • 7 × LFD Portrait Towers
  • 12 × XL/XL+ Screens


  • 6 × D48 Screens
  • 2 × LFD Full motion Screens
  • 1 × LFD Portrait Towers
  • 2 × XL/XL+ Screens

Make your campaign stand out even more by adding one of the Ocean Labs Technology Packages

Reserve price: £POA

1 × Scotland PLUS Package (1 available)

As Glasgow and Edinburgh Package PLUS London “Crown Jewels” screens (below) and Ocean Labs Technology

  • The World Famous Piccadilly Lights
  • The Business District, Canary Wharf
  • Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5 Arrivals

Reserve price: £POA

Ocean Labs Technology Packages

Live Content

Providing complete content control and unlimited copy changes, allowing your brand to react to live events and change your creative in an instant, ensuring you are always on pulse.

Live Pollution Data

Ocean can integrate live pollution data into your brand messaging, either displaying the live pollution levels or to dynamically trigger different creative based on changes in levels throughout the course of the event.

Curated Social Content

Ocean can pull in content curated from a variety of social platforms on the topic of COP26 or to a set campaign hashtag, all fully moderated to your brand guidelines and published in a bespoke branded template across your network package.

Prices on request - please contact Cat Morgan, Director of Ocean Labs

How to Buy

Bid wisely to secure one of Ocean’s COP26 offers.

Bidding process:
Only bids received via sealed bid envelops will be considered.

Deadline for bids:
12pm, 30th April.

Winning bids:
Reviewed and approved “offers over” bids will be informed at 5pm, 30th April.

Terms & Conditions:

In addition to Ocean’s standard Terms & Conditions, if a client wins one of the COP26 package auctions then their bid/booking is legally binding and will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee. In unlikely event that COP26 is cancelled for any reason, we would offer full refunds.

For details of the process and reserve prices please contact:
Keith Crisp, Head of Regional Sales