April 4th, 2016
Time to Get Real

We’ve got some news. According to media planners and buyers, digital out of home is predicted to grow faster than either mobile or video on demand over the next five years.

DOOH’s capability to capture a slice of mobile and online ad spend is illustrated in our first ever industry study, commissioned to understand the growth potential of DOOH and what we need to do to propel it.

We asked around 800 media planners and out of home specialists to help us gauge perceptions, problems and potential. Those that responded concluded that:

  • DOOH is consider the Number 1 medium and is predicted to see the biggest growth in the next five years.
  • DOOH is perceived as a tech-driven medium, closely aligned with online and mobile.
  • It’s also described as the most innovative, creative and flexible medium in the market.
  • Adland differentiates DOOH from its competitors as being more sophisticated, exciting and inspiring.

The shift in perceptions is clear. On the positioning chart in our study, traditional out of home stays put in the Classic Cluster, sitting alongside radio and press which are classified as passive and reliable.

DOOH meanwhile is placed in the Potential Cluster, joining mobile, video on demand and online. And this is the cluster that evokes a heightened sense of emotional response amongst respondents, DOOH in particular topping the scale for being dynamic (83%), modern (82%) and exciting (69%).

So we’ve clearly put the E into Motion.

The challenges that emerge from our study are equally clear. DOOH needs to differentiate itself from its competitors by proving it is audience and content relevant and applying flexible, cost driven approaches to the planning process.

Here’s where we are at currently with all of that:

Being audience relevant

The development of audience and cameras technologies allows brands to serve content in real time to the audience of their choice based on their age, gender or the type of car they are travelling in. More on cameras technology is coming very soon.

Being content relevant

Here, partnerships are paramount. Our recent collaboration with the British Fashion Council and Maybelline allowed us to turn a world famous trade show into a live consumer experience across a number of broadcast enabled screens.

And come July, live sporting action from Team GB as Britain’s athletes compete in Rio 2016 allows us to offer brands and sponsors a unique, real time advertising platform as the Olympic Games unfold.

Being cost driven

Automated planning and trading environments like Signature’s The Loop represent a significant shift towards achieving the transparency and flexibility necessary to compete as a digital channel. It’s a step towards the buying of real time interactions and impacts over the fortnightly buying plans of old.

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