December 16th, 2015
The Loop Birmingham & J2O lure unsuspecting players into game of “What’s the time Mr Wolf?”

J2O staged a mischievous stunt on The Loop Birmingham to introduce its new fruit drink flavour ‘Midnight Forest”. The concept was created and executed by BBH and Rattle in collaboration with Signature Outdoor and Ocean Labs.

Signature’s Loop location The Priory Queensway was dominated by J2O which installed secret cameras to engage and then film unsuspecting locals.

By deploying the high end infrastructure encased within The Loop and connecting to digital screen, Rattle and BBH created a “What’s the time Mr Wolf?” style prank.

The spooky animation was accompanying by sound to achieve the most shocking effect. Concealed cameras captured the moment an animated wolf crept towards passers by when their backs were turned, “jumping out” at them once they turned to face the screen.

The practical joke has now been turned into a viral video, utilised by J20 to promote its “Midnight Editions” across social channels has achieved 1.6m Facebook views to date.

Ocean’s LookOut facial detection technology can be used to trigger content by gender, age, but also used creatively to change the content based on people looking at the screen.

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