July 30th, 2015
The IMAX Just Got Even More Impactful

Ocean have revealed stage one of the revamping of Europe’s largest and most iconic advertising structure London’s IMAX.

Working closely with The BFI and Lambeth Council the IMAX’s lighting infrastructure has been upgraded from halogen strip light to 48,000 LEDs. The upgrade delivers an energy efficiency of 77% on the existing lighting, removing over a 100 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere.

The new lighting system is accompanied by state of the art software allowing for a series of dynamic lighting techniques that advertisers can use to animate their creative and deliver a heightened level of engagement. The 5 techniques are Reveal, Horizontal Transition, Motion Bars, Spotlighting and Vertical Transition.

“We have been working with the BFI for over three years on this project and we are delighted with the results. It brings the IMAX into the digital age and provides both the advertiser and consumer a much better experience of what is London and Europe’s true advertising icon.”

“We have championed creativity in the OOH sector for a number of years and this investment gives creative agencies the opportunity to treat the 1734 sq m canvas of the IMAX in a totally new and exciting way. We are tremendously excited and look forward to sharing further updates towards the end of the year”

Richard Malton, Marketing Director, Ocean

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