February 8th, 2017
The Female Lead: Ocean’s LookOut technology promotes empowerment to women

To coincide with The Female Lead’s book launch on 8 February, Ocean will be using their ground-breaking LookOut technology to target majority women audiences with empowering stories from successful women from diverse backgrounds.

Using a floating slot that only plays out when the majority of people in the crowd are women, LookOut will use two different creatives to appeal to the audience in real time: for younger members of the public, computer programmer Karlie Kloss, and for older women creative featuring actor Meryl Streep will be triggered.

The campaign is promoting 60 Women Who Shape Our World, the latest book from The Female Lead which aims to turn the spotlight on aspirational women from all walks of life. The book features impressive figures from varied backgrounds who have started successful businesses, won World Records, worked as NASA scientists or escaped adversity; the names include Meryl Streep (actor), Jo Malone (entrepreneur), Lady Barbara Judge CBE (international lawyer and businesswoman), Michaela De Prince (award-winning ballet dancer) and Vanessa Friedman (fashion director at the New York Times).

You can’t aspire to what you can’t see.

The Female Lead is a non-profit organisation working to provide girls with positive female role models to which they can aspire. Their aim is to cut through a negative culture that portrays a polarised view of women in the media spotlight. The extreme influence of social media on the millennial generation means that alternative role models can be hard to identify for those who aren’t from a privileged background.

Cat Morgan, Director of Ocean Labs said: “Ocean are the exclusive OOH partners for the launch on the 8th February, where we will be running the stories of the female icons across the whole of our iconic portfolio. Across the media landscape we’re all a part of creating portrayals of women that accurately reflect the depth and richness or our experience. We’re proud to play our part in inspiring all of the women who will see this creative in cities across the UK.”

One of the multiple creatives for The Female Lead on Manchester One
Meryl Streep on The Female Lead creative on Manchester's Princess Road
The Female Lead on Two Towers East

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