April 2nd, 2020
Some Things You Might Find Useful – 2nd April


Further research into UK retail finds Britons made more than 79 million extra grocery shopping trips in the past four weeks, making 3 additional shopping trips to the supermarket during this period.

Although stockpiling now shows a decline and normal shopping behaviour slowly returns, the average shopping baskets are still larger (now 11 items) and an average spend rising from £15 to £16. Despite these being very small changes in behaviour, this results in £1,9 billion extra spent on groceries.

(source: Research Live)

General behaviour

People are still out and about. According to a recent Covid-19 tracker 1 in 6 said they leave the house just as much as they usually would, with 55-65s more likely to be among this audience.

What is more, 1 in 3 of Brits won’t ever be able to work from home because of the nature of their work, suggesting a continuous flow of people all across the UK.

Looking at how behaviour has changed in terms of transport usage, 60% say they feel safest when walking, which leads to suggest there will be a further drop in numbers using public transport.

(source: Appinio Research)

2 ways the British public has changed over the past week

  • Last week a mere 8% of Britons thought that the public was taking coronavirus seriously enough. Since then that figure has risen dramatically, by almost 30 percentage points to 37%.
  • In the first YouGov survey looking at the impact of Covid-19, half the country (51%) said that the crisis had made them feel worse about the state of British society, with just 9% saying it has made them feel better. A week later, and with hundreds of thousands of people having volunteered to join the NHS, those figures have changed significantly. The proportion of Brits feeling worse about society has progressively fallen to 28%, while the number who feel better has now risen to 24%

(source: YouGov)

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