March 18th, 2022
Six environmental charities to share £2 million Ocean advertising space

Drops In The Ocean programme supports initiatives protecting the planet

Six environmental charities which are combatting climate change, deforestation and marine pollution will benefit from advertising space worth £2 million under a new scheme established by Ocean.

The chosen beneficiaries working to protect the planet are Pipal TreeJustdiggit, Cool EarthOur Only World, the Blue Marine Foundation and the Marine Conservation Society.

Campaigns created by each cause will appear on large format city and roadside screens across the UK over the next 12 months as part of Ocean’s Drops in the Ocean climate change awareness programme. They were chosen following a creative pitch.

Ocean chief marketing officer Richard Malton said: “Ocean continues to reassess its operations and manage its real estate in response to the global environmental agenda. With climate a top priority, the principles of Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) are integral to our business, something we know is of paramount importance to our investors, partners and stakeholders.

Drops in the Ocean is one strand in our sustainability programme which will see us donate 2% of our reported revenue to these six very deserving charities in the form of advertising value across our iconic, premium digital screen network this year.

“Ocean has to be at the forefront of initiatives like these because outdoor advertising has an undeniable physical and environmental impact, and because our success depends on the strength of our relationships with the communities where we live and work. The causes we are supporting here ultimately impact us all.”

Pipal Tree is a UK based charity that works in Nepal, the ninth most impacted country from climate change. The charity is fund-raising to support a reforestation programme which will see 110,000 saplings planted over 10 years, creating a wildlife corridor and long-term habitats. Called the Gurkha Memorial Forest, it will also serve as a living memorial to the 110,000 Gurkhas who fought alongside Britain in World War II.

Pipal Tree founder and CEO Philip Holmes said: “Nepal, homeland of the Gurkhas, is the ninth most affected country in the world by climate change. Himalayan glaciers are melting and changing weather patterns are wreaking havoc on the poorest communities. With the support of the Drops in the Ocean award, we will be able to raise awareness of the plight of our old friends in Nepal while fighting back through an ambitious 10-year reforestation programme that will serve a dual purpose in becoming both a wildlife corridor and a Gurkha Memorial Forest.

“Our campaign will support the planting of 110,000 saplings, one for each Gurkha who served in The Second World War. Through creating this living memorial, we will repay a debt to those bravest of the brave who helped us overcome an earlier existential threat.”

Nature based solutions like these are 37% of the solution to mitigate climate change. NGO Justdiggit will use its media space to invite people to Dig In and join the Regreen Revolution by supporting hundreds of thousands of small holder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa to regreen their land, restore ecosystems and improve livelihoods.

Stuart Taylor, UK country director, Justdiggit, said: “We are delighted that Ocean Outdoor have chosen to support us. Not only do we run regreening programmes to restore desertified soil in Africa, but we place great value on positive storytelling and communication, which is why access to Ocean Outdoor screens is so valuable. We are so grateful and can’t wait to get started on the partnership! ”

The third land based beneficiary is Cool Earth which funds projects in the rainforests to tackle deforestation and protect vital carbon sinks. Their campaign will work to alleviate climate anxiety by showing the positive impact of its community partnerships with Indigenous people.

Cool Earth spokesperson Lauren Howard said: “Turn your climate frown upside down. No, really. With Ocean, we will transform the 75% of the British public that face climate anxiety into fully-fledged climate optimists. Why? Fighting the climate crisis starts with people and when we feel good, we can do good. We’re the glass-half-full types because we see incredible Earth cooling action each and every day by our partners living in and protecting rainforest.”

Three charities which focus on the health and future of the world’s oceans will also receive screen space. Our Only World is a Cornwall based charity with a focus on protecting the marine environment. Its campaign will focus on a song and video for schoolchildren which sends a powerful message about sea and beach pollution to help fund local water refill stations.

Founder Tina Robinson said: “The Drops in the Ocean fund is an immensely exciting opportunity for us to deliver our message to a wider audience. We hope to attract new interest and participation so we can all work together to meet the challenge of protecting our oceans.”

Blue Marine is dedicated to restoring the ocean to health by tackling overfishing, one of the world’s biggest environmental problems. This dynamic charity is working all over the world to protect huge areas of ocean and restore marine biodiversity. In the coming decade Blue Marine aims to see at least 30% of the ocean protected and the other 70% sustainably managed.

Clare Brook, CEO of Blue Marine, said: “The ocean is so often out of sight and out of mind. Yet its health affects every one of us. Thanks to Drops in the Ocean, Blue Marine will be able to reach a far wider audience in our campaign for better stewardship of the world’s oceans.”

Ocean has worked with the Marine Conservation Society since 2018 as part of its Ocean for Oceans environmental commitment. The charity will continue to receive support for its marine pollution and beach clean operations, encouraging people to dispose of their plastic waste responsibly.

Andrew Barnes of the Marine Conservation Society said: “We are delighted to be one of the chosen charities to work with Ocean Outdoor this year. Our goal is to restore the health of the ocean which is a potential hero in our fight against climate change and the Ocean Outdoor network offers a wonderful opportunity to help our campaigns reach a much wider audience.”

Our Only World: Ten-day-old grey seal “Splash” pictured on a Cornish beach has been Tina Robinson’s motivation since 2017.
Pipal Tree: Lt Col (retd) Philip Holmes, Pipal Tree founder, with 85-year-old Captain Ram Bahadur Limbu, the last surviving Gurkha veteran to be awarded the Victoria Cross.

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