June 16th, 2023
Ocean Outdoor’s Impact on World Ocean Day

On Thursday 8th June, the Ocean Outdoor closed on World Ocean Day. As a company, we recognise the impact our oceans play in sustaining life on Earth and the urgent need to protect and preserve their beauty and diversity to actively participate in various initiatives, reinforcing our commitment to ocean conservation.

Cleaning canals with Canal & River Trust: As part of our ongoing Drops in the Ocean campaign, we collaborated with the Canal & River Trust, one of our supported charities, to combat plastic pollution in waterways. Ocean staff members took up the challenge of litter picking along the canal, receiving support from the Canal & River Trust.

The team embarked on a mission to rid the canals of harmful debris as much as possible in Little Venice, and in just one session, collected 17 bags of rubbish. By actively engaging in the #PlasticsChallenge, we took a crucial local action that resonates on a global scale. It is estimated that 14 million pieces of plastic waste find their way into our canals and rivers each year, with approximately 500,000 pieces ultimately flowing into our oceans. Our work, alongside the efforts of many others, is instrumental in safeguarding our waterways, rivers, and the delicate ecosystems they support.

Charlie Pelter, National Campaign Manager at Canal & River Trust says, ‘We are so pleased that the dedicated and passionate Ocean Outdoor team are joining the fight against plastic blighting the nation’s waterways. By taking part in the Canal & River Trust’s #PlasticsChallenge, Ocean Outdoor are taking an important local action that has a big impact on a global issue. Each year, an estimated 14 million pieces of plastic rubbish end up in and around our canals and rivers, with around 500,000 pieces flowing out into our oceans. Their work along with the thousands have already taken part is helping to protect our canals, rivers, and wildlife from plastic pollution before it becomes part of the habitat forever.’

Empowering charities through Drops in the Ocean: On World Ocean Day, we extended our support to two of our 2023 Drops in the Ocean charities—Blue Marine Foundation and Our Only World. These organisations utilise their resources and expertise to protect our oceans and raise awareness about critical environmental issues.

The Blue Marine Foundation, dedicated to preserving and restoring our oceans, seized the opportunity to showcase the beauty and diverse marine life that inhabit our waters. With the help of our Ocean ad funding, they launched an awe-inspiring advertising campaign across our digital screen network throughout the UK. Through captivating visuals, they aimed to inspire a deep connection with the ocean and foster a sense of responsibility towards its well-being.

Our Only World, an organisation committed to raising awareness about climate change and the crucial role of the ocean in maintaining planetary balance, also utilised their Drops in the Ocean funding on World Ocean Day. Their impactful campaigns were featured across our digital screens, delivering a powerful message about the urgency of addressing environmental challenges and protecting our oceans for future generations.

Jo Coumbe, Director of Communications, Blue Marine Foundation said, ‘We’re delighted to have the opportunity to promote our #WalkWithWhales campaign on billboards across the UK, encouraging people to connect with the ocean through an immersive #WalkWithWhales augmented reality experience. The advertising campaign builds valuable impact in highlighting the importance of the ocean and the marine life within it, for the future of our planet.’

Tina Robinson, Founder of Our Only World said, ‘This is going to be incredible. Thanks to Drops in the Ocean we can see nearly five years of hard work and what has been a labour of love come to fruition through their fantastic generosity.’

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