November 20th, 2013
Style and glamour step on to the IMAX with Jimmy Choo

This October, Nicole Kidman dazzled on the IMAX to showcase the latest branding campaign for Jimmy Choo – a first for this iconic brand on the UK’s most sought-after solus advertising platform which stands at a huge 1734m2.

Over an extended period, Jimmy Choo benefitted from the elevated emotional impact this statement canvas delivers, delivering heightened perception and value for the brand far beyond the campaign period. Its location adjacent to one of London’s busiest transport hubs, Waterloo station, the IMAX delivers a volume audience with not only the largest adult reach for all Out of Home locations, but also the largest reach for AB adults, at 358,000 individuals for a two week period.

To celebrate Jimmy Choo’s iconic campaign, Ocean offered the media industry an opportunity to win Jimmy Choo vouchers by answering questions relevant to the audience.

Congratulations to Alex Gibson from M2M.

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