May 30th, 2019
Interbest, part of Ocean, expands digital roadside advertising offer with acquisition of Beyond Outdoor

Beyond Outdoor, a digital out-of-home roadside operator in the Netherlands, has been acquired by Interbest.

The deal concludes discussions which were underway when Ocean acquired Interbest and Ngage Media in March this year. All three Dutch companies now form part of the Ocean Group.

Beyond Outdoor is a pure digital player operating eight sites and 11 screens in prime locations on the busiest road and motorway networks. Its portfolio covers the Randstad megalopolis of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.

The acquisition augments Interbest’s extensive premium national distribution network, providing enhanced targeting for advertisers. This transaction includes plans to develop three new locations.

The business will be operated by Interbest, the market leader in DOOH roadside. Beyond Outdoor founder Danny Tournier steps down following the transaction.

Announcing the deal, Meindert van den Heuvel, Interbest managing director, said: “We are on track to accelerate our DOOH presence by building the best and biggest large format DOOH network, developing new propositions for agencies and advertisers. Complementing the Beyond sites is a pipeline of other premium roadside sites which are due to come on online before the year end.”

Interbest is a market leader in digital and conventional OOH roadside; large format billboards on the busiest road and motorway networks. A national network of more than 200 conventional and digital billboards reaches more than 13.4 million audiences daily, representing more than 50% of Dutch income.

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