January 18th, 2017
Goodbye Piccadilly: Famous Lights Take a Commercial Ad Break
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London’s Piccadilly Lights are experiencing a commercial ad break all of their own.

As the Lights go out at London’s famous landmark for the next 10 months or so, the hard work begins.

It’s an intricate, logistically monumental transformation of an iconic hotspot at one of the world’s busiest traffic and pedestrian junctions.

The new state-of-the-art, curved, 4K 8mm screen is being manufactured at Daktronics’s production plant in South Dakota, USA and will arrive in 640 separate sections in the Spring, when each component will be hand installed.

The new screen more than holds its own with the best in New York’s Times Square, flagship stadiums and arenas – and opens the door to a myriad of new benefits for advertisers.

The Ocean design preserves the traditional patchwork, giving six advertisers visibility simultaneously, but, used as a single canvas, provides the flexibility to feature a single advertiser in a full screen view or to run event specific graphics based on site needs.

The Lights will continue to use a Scala control system, a highly flexible platform that is capable of integrating with live data, interactive content and social media channels, elevating the impact the Lights to both advertisers and audiences.

They will be more environmentally friendly too. Daktronics display products are consistently regarded as the most efficient in the industry. Light pollution will be reduced as the new displays utilise a focused LED that provides maximum visual impact to street level audiences without the waste of sending light to areas outside of the intended audience.

Piccadilly is a global landmark, the presence of the Lights captured over the years in a slew of film and television series, and most recently in the opening titles of the new BBC-tv drama Sherlock.

We promise to safeguard that status. The Lights define London and Daktronics is proud to be part of this milestone event.

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Artist's Impression of the new Piccadilly Lights
Artist's Impression of the new Piccadilly Lights
Artist's Impression of the new Piccadilly Lights
Artist's Impression of the new Piccadilly Lights

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